REPEAT – Back to School Memo

At the end of last week, principals were notified that this year’s District Back-to-School Memo was complete and ready to share with staff. This memo covers a variety of district rules, policies and guidelines. Section 1 is the portion that staff are required to review. I will cover key points at our next staff meeting. All staff must review the memo and sign & return the Check List Acknowledgment Form to signify that you have read and understand the memo. Forms should be returned to me by Friday, September 27th. Hard copies of the acknowledgement form will be placed in staff mailboxes this week. If you are new to 4J, let me know if you have questions, or if you want to meet to review the memo together. 

In Financial & Purchasing Procedures, a new Summary of Financial & Purchasing Procedures for Staff was created and provides guidance for staff who are not primarily assigned to financial roles.

Supporting Undocumented Students: Please review the attached FAQ Supporting Undocumented Students. This FAQ was updated in April 2018 to reflect changes in law.Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyberbullying, Hazing, Teen Dating Violence and Domestic Violence: School Board Policy JFCF prohibits bullying and harassment, including intimidation, cyberbullying, hazing and teen dating violence. Administrators are required to provide an overview of the policies and procedures for preventing and responding to harassment, intimidation, bullying, cyberbullying, hazing, teen dating violence and domestic violence incidents at a staff meeting each fall. The district has adopted a district wide Student Safety Reporting Form and a Step-by-Step Complaint Process.  Please review Policy JFCF , Student Safety Reporting Form and Step-by-Step Complaint Process.