Site Council Meeting 2/27/2020


Members Present: Alison Corwin, Jefrey Leigh (absent), Rebecca Hart, Maran Reyes (absent), Kumiko Vanderbush, Wendy Williams, Ashley Baker (absent), Tom Piowaty

Stakeholder Group Reports

Admin:  Tom showed a map of the new Kelly building and shared concerns about having the pick up and drop off at the southwest end of the building. Tom asked if parents on site council had a opinion on having two drop off and pick up site. The parents thought that was reasonable. They prefer to have the SW dropoff/pickup site be only for kindergarten and the other grades would use the north entrance/exit. This information will be shared at the next transition meeting held on March 19th. In addition, Tom will ask the PTO their opinion at the March 12th PTO meeting.

Tom also shared the number of parents who had accepted a seat in kindergarten: 43 at that time. 

Parents: Parents raised the question of whether or not YG should ask the PTO for additional staffing for next year, in particular, for an education assistant who could help students with reading. Tom wants to wait until the school board decides on how to invest the $12.9 in funds from the Student Success Act. The plan that the board is considering could increase staffing for first and second grades in an effort to increase reading achievement for 3rd grade. 

Rebecca asked if the school could support or publicize the crane project sponsored by Tsuru for Solidarity.

Temple Beth Israel is participating and would like to see if YG may want to join us. Or if leftover cranes from the 30th anniversary we are happy to send those along with those we make. Tom will review the information and consult with 4J Communications to see how YG can participate if it is not considered political action. 

Parents also asked what 4J was doing to address the novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Since the meeting, 4J has shared a hand-washing and deep cleaning protocol with staff and had issued communications with parents.

Certified Staff: Did not report.
Classified Staff: Did not report.

Discussion of the transition and how can parents help with the move: There was some further discussion about the transition, and about who will step forward to assume leadership on the PTO next year. Are there parents who would be willing to be involved in the PTO next year? How can we support the PTO in getting more parents involved? Note: this is included to document what was discussed in the meeting, but it should be clear that the Site Council does not have authority over PTO business.

T-shirts and apparel: Chelsea asked if the site council to consider using a vendor to create and sell t-shirts and other apparel, since we don’t have new t-shirts to sell to new parents and students. The site council did not feel the vendor had a selection that represented YG. In particular, there were no designs that had Japanese writing. We felt it was important that the apparel representing Yujin Gakuen should have a Japanese aesthetic.

Another topic that was brought up in conversation during the meeting involved funding requests of the PTO. One possible ask of the PTO would be new furniture for next year. This would be a one-time expenditure that could have a lasting impact for many years. Included in this conversation was a question of whether or not we would ask for repairs to taiko drums and possible storage shed? Making requests of the PTO was not an item that was on the agenda, and it should be noted that the Site Council does respect the PTO’s authority over its own business.