YG Staff Newsletter – November 23, 2020

YG Staff Newsletter – November 23, 2020


Dear YG Staff:

We have a short week as we will be taking Thursday and Friday off in recognition of Thanksgiving. It’s a good reminder to thank you all for your service to the students, families, and staff at Yujin Gakuen. Even though this year presented many changes, with obstacles and frustrations along the way, it’s comforting to know that we all work together and support each other. My hat’s off to you.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to recognize a couple of other national days of. This Monday is National Adoption Day, and Wednesday is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Welcome New YG Secretary

Karen Cook accepted our offer for school secretary. Karen comes to us from North Bend, where she served for the past 22 years as the secretary in the athletic department. Karen was the first choice among the candidates we interviewed. Her references checks were very positive. You might be interested in knowing that she is also part of a brother and sister band. I tried to find a video of her on YouTube, but was not able to find one.

Terri’s Last Day

Terri will be filling in as secretary until Wednesday morning. She will work a half-day on Wednesday and Karen will start her full-time schedule on Monday. While I will be happy to have our new secretary, I will be sad to see Terri go. She has been very helpful and has so much knowledge about the Kelly building and 4J. I hope she will come back as a substitute now and then.

COVID-19 Protocols

As many of you are aware, ODE recently updated Ready Schools, Safe Learners to include new guidance and requirements. While there are other important updates coming out in the 4J COVID-19 Communicable Disease Management Plan, this will focus on essential information and changes related to face coverings.

Sharing accurate and consistent information is critical, and to avoid confusion and mixed messaging, the information below is pulled directly from sections of the district’s Communicable Disease Plan.

Face coverings decrease the spread of COVID-19 as “source control” of a contagious person’s respiratory secretions. It is now established that people without symptoms can spread the virus that causes COVID-19, and this is a significant contributor to person-to-person spread. In addition, emerging evidence suggests that airborne transmission may play a role in the spread of COVID-19, via exposure to small droplets that contain the virus and can linger in the air for minutes to hours. Face coverings reduce the spread of respiratory droplets. 

Use of face coverings does not change physical distancing requirements. (Section III, B)

Face coverings are required for all staff and for all students in grades kindergarten and up, along with all staff. Face coverings must be worn properly, covering the nose, mouth and chin. Face coverings must be worn both indoors and outdoors, including during outdoor recess.

“Face covering” means a cloth, polypropylene, paper or other face covering that covers the nose and the mouth and that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face. Face coverings with valves and “gaiter” type face coverings are not permitted. 

Clear face shields with hooded enclosures are an acceptable alternative to regular face coverings under limited circumstances where and when appropriate. The district will provide face coverings to staff and to students if needed. (Section III, B. 1)

Face coverings shall be worn by all staff, contractors, other service providers, visitors or volunteers following CDC guidelines for face coverings. Individuals may remove their face coverings while working alone in a private individual workspace not shared with other people. Face coverings should be worn both indoors and outdoors, including during outdoor recess. Employees should use a cleanly washed face covering each day. (Section III, B. 2. a.)

Clear plastic face shields without hooded enclosures may be worn in addition to the required face covering. Face shields without hooded enclosures may not be used instead of a face covering. The district will provide a clear plastic face shield to an employee upon request, to be worn over a face covering. The face covering under the shield may be lowered only momentarily to show the user’s mouth where there is a specific, limited need to do so. Use of an unenclosed face shield alone is not permitted, because wearing a face shield alone without a face covering or mask increases the potential for transmission of viruses to those in the same room as the individual without the face covering or mask.   (Section III, B. 2. b.)     

Staff mealtime and breaks: Since staff must remove their face coverings during eating and drinking, staff must eat snacks and meals independently, and not in staff rooms when other people are present. Schools may consider staggering times for staff breaks, to prevent congregation in shared spaces. (Section IV. B.)

Once again, thank you for your thoughtful attention to this information. I know this is quite a lot to digest. As your Physical Distancing Site Coordinator let me know if you have questions about the information.

Notes from Family Zoom Meeting and Site Council

Family Zoom – If you are interested in reading the notes from the YG Family Zoom meeting, click on the linked YG Family Zoom -11:17 notes. Thanks to Ashley Ferryman for taking notes for us.

Site Council – Notes are linked on the YG website under Site Council Meetings.

Oregon State Report Card

The ODE released its State Report Card on Friday. If you are interested, click the linked State Report Card.

Thanksgiving Lessons Reminder

This is an annual reminder about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Be mindful that student conceptions of Native Americans often come from classroom activities around the First Thanksgiving. These conception of Native Americans gained from such early exposure is often both inaccurate and potentially damaging. When planning activities, be aware that what most of us learned in school about the “Pilgrims” and “Squanto” and the “First Thanksgiving” is a mixture of both history and myth. Thanksgiving activities should avoid reinforcing historical myths and should also avoid stereotypes (ie. NO warbonnets!) It’s often best to shift the focus away from reenacting the “First Thanksgiving” and instead focus on items children can be thankful for in their own lives and on their families’ celebrations of Thanksgiving at home. Some resources on what to avoid and what to teach can be found at:

Dual Language Immersion Site – Live

Lynette Williams sent an email Saturday announcing that the DLI/WL Immersion Site on the Elementary Learning Hub is now live ~ CLICK HERE
It contains the work we teachers did this summer in July and August.
The Secondary Learning Hub is coming. The DLI/WL Immersion Site will contain the same items as the Elementary Learning Hub with some additional 6-12 DLI/WL Immersion and WL resources. We recognize that many secondary subject areas have shared resources in a Canvas Commons.


Student Meals & Holiday Boxes

Nutrition Services informed principals of their plans for providing meals to students during the holidays. For Thanksgiving, they will provide a four-day meal box with the Wednesday meal bag. For Winter Break there will be two meal boxes available. Boxes will be available for pickup or by request through delivery. Sign-up info is coming. See the linked email for more information.



Schedule of Upcoming Events

Also on Zimbra Calendar – Here are the events for the next two weeks.

November 23 (M) National Adoption Day
Week #10 Begins
10:00-12:00, Scott to Counselors Meeting
1:30-3:30, Scott, Jennie and Tom to Data Team Meeting

November 24 (T) – Terri out for the day and no secretary
Reiko out in the morning for appointment
1:30-3:30, Karen Cook to New Hire Orientation
1:30-2:30, Scott and Tom to conduct practice safety assessment

November 25 (W) International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
8:00-12:00, Karen Cook to work in the office. Terri will fill her in on office procedures.
2:40-4:00, PLC Time

November 26 (Th) – No School – Thanksgiving Day
November 27 (F) – No School

Non-Contract Day for Licensed
Paid Holiday for Classified

November 30 (M) – Karen Cook’s First Full Day
1:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

December 1 (T)
2:30-3:30, PBiS Meeting

December 2 (W)
2:40-4:00, PLC Time

December 3 (Th)
8:00-12:00, Supply Pickup – AM – Machiko, and Tom
12:30-4:00, Supply Pickup – PM – Wendy and Reiko
1:30-2:00, Tom to appointment via Zoom
3:30-5:15, Tom out of the building for appointment

December 4 (F) Regular Day

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