Site Council Meeting – Thursday, 12/17 @3:00pm

Site Council Meeting – Thursday, 12/17 @3:00pm


  • Stakeholders Reports
    • Admin
    • Teachers
    • Classified
    • Families
  • Old Business
  • New Business
    • Develop a work plan for the year

More information about the site council can be found on the YG website:


Participants: Rebecca Hart, Alison Corwin, Kelly Stroh, Chelsea Hardrath, Kumiko Vanderbush, Maran Reyes, Anneka McMillen, Thomas Piowaty

Stakeholder Reports

Admin Report – Staffing for hybrid and all-year online – At the beginning of the next semester (Feb. 1), students who chose the “Same School Online” option will be placed in different classrooms in order to prepare for the possibility of returning to in-person learning. To support this change, YG will be adding one full-time teacher, or potentially two half-time teachers.

Messaging to families – Only two parents contacted the office with questions from parents who chose the “Same School Online” option, and Tom wondered if many parents did not read the email from 4J announcing the change. Site council members thought that many parents are focusing on the holidays and paying less attention to 4J announcements than at other times in the year. It’s likely that we will hear more from parents in January

School Choice dates and times – In January, during School Choice season, parents will have the opportunity to apply for schools outside their neighborhood schools and for immersion schools. This year, though, there will not be on-site tours. Instead, schools will schedule two virtual school tours, one during the day and one in the evening.

YG has tentatively scheduled:
Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 1-2pm
Thursday, Jan 21st, 5:30-6:30pm

Parent Report and Teacher Report
Welfare of the staff – Rebecca asked how staff were doing during this time. Teachers shared that they were pleasantly surprised with how well students were doing. While online learning is not the same as in-school learning, students were doing well online.

Information about coming vaccines – Rebecca also asked if staff had received any information about vaccines. Staff have not heard any news about whether or not they will receive the vaccine for COVID-19 any time soon.

Parent volunteer opportunities – Alison reported that she had contacted 4J and asked if parent volunteers could perform tasks off site and then bring items to the building. This would be allowed as long as it was cleared with the building principal and as long as parents followed 4J protocols for physical distancing. One possible project that parents could do for YG involves the recent grant we received from the Eugene Education Foundation to support origami projects for each grade. YG will be purchasing origami materials to distribute to students in an upcoming distribution. Parent volunteers would be able to help by taking materials home and putting individual kits together and returning the kits to school.

New Business – Develop a work plan for the year

Tom reorganized the goals for a work plan (<– linked here) into categories and reviewed them with the site council. The site council decided that with the changes ahead, it would be better to focus on short-term objectives. We agreed to do the following:

New mural projects – Tom has been in communication with Bayne Gardner, the artist who created the YG mural. Bayne shared some ideas for a new mural that would be located near the south entrance to the school He will submit two options, one idea for what he could do for $1500 and the other a more involved mural for $3000. When conditions change and students are permitted back at school, Bayne would like to be involved in a mural that students could participate in. Tom will make a request of the PTO for funding to support the mural.

Old mural project – High-resolution photographs of the old YG mural were taken last spring, and these will be used to re-create a mural in our new location. A contractor visited the site in order to prepare an estimate for the cost of putting such a mural here in the Kelly building.

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