YG Staff Newsletter – February 8, 2011

YG Staff Newsletter – February 8, 2011

Dear staff at Yujin Gakuen:

I have not yet seen the metrics for last week, so I can’t tell if they are moving up or down. Staff will be scheduled for vaccinations this week, so more of our staff will be receiving their first doses. At this pace, if we are able to get everyone vaccinated and the metrics continue moving downward, we are on track to start hybrid on March 15th, five full weeks away.

Hybrid/SSO Updates

Late Friday, principals were given a slide show to share with families regarding hybrid and same school online, which included some decisions made by the operations team. Some were shared at last week’s school board meeting and others were new.

  • 5-Hour Day – Hours for schools that have the later start, such as YG, will be 8:45-1:45 for hybrid. SSO students will also have 5-hour days, though that time may not all be live.
  • 4-Day Week – When hybrid starts, the live 5-hour day will be MTThF and Wednesdays will stay the same as they are now with students online only with a shorter “blue” time.
  • Lunch/Recess 60-minutes – There will be one 30- minute recess and one 30-minute lunch each day. For recess, students will stay in their cohort group. For breakfast & lunch, students will eat in their classroom with the teacher.
  • Other Information – This is not new, but I’ll repeat here: desks will be 6-feet apart, students and staff must wear masks at all times, there will be plenty of scheduled time for hand washing/sanitizing, restrooms cleaned regularly, and for off-weeks daily synchronous time will be much shorter than it is now. Linked here is a slide show I’ll share on Monday with families. I will also make a video, Sunday, where I narrate the slide show.

COVID-19 Protocol Information

COVID Suggestion Box – The latest version of Ready Schools, Safe Learners requires schools to have a process that allows for named and anonymous sharing of concerns that can be reviewed on a regular basis by the designated RSSL building point-person (me), so I’ve created a COVID-19 Suggestions Google Form that will be included in each week’s newsletter. I’ll plan to check submissions each Monday.

Sign-In Means No COVID Symptoms for Self or Close Contacts – When you sign-in at school, you are attesting that you are not currently experiencing any of the known primary COVID-19 symptoms AND you have not been in close contact with, or do not live with anyone who is displaying known COVID-19 symptoms. These may get updated to include secondary symptoms, but the current symptom list 4J is using is:

• Persistent cough
• Fever greater than 100.3 degrees
• Chills
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • News loss of sense of taste or smell
• Diarrhea or vomiting

iPad Reset Instead of Return

If a student iPad is not working, have them reset the iPad before suggesting they return it. Most issues can be resolved this way. The linked How to Reset an iPad Quick Sheet (English and Spanish) provides directions how to do this and guidance on setting up the iPad after it has been reset.


Preparing Students to Return to School

This is a repeat of information Scott sent: a basic guide for educators to support students as we continue to move toward returning to school. Parents will be talking more about the return at home, and our students may share their concerns and questions during class. 7 Tips for Educators Returning to School During COVID-19. There will likely be a mix of excitement and anxiety across students, with some celebrating the possibility of seeing friends and teachers, soon. And some students will have concerns about staying healthy and trusting that it will be safe to be in a closed space.

Staff Survey, Due Feb. 15

I’m expecting staffing to be available to principals the week of Feb. 22nd. To help prepare for 2021-2022 Staffing, please complete the linked Staffing Survey by next Monday, Feb. 15th.
  • Note that this year, there is a question asking what we should do if our classified staffing turns out to be higher than it was when we started this year.
  • We have more classified staffing this year due to Corridor closing.
  • If that classified time carries over to next year, please let me know your thoughts on whether or not to continue or move in a different direction.
  • Regarding licensed staffing, I’m not expecting an increase, but it is possible that we could see .4FTE

2021-22: Draft Staffing Timeline

  • February 23: Staffing allocations shared with principals
  • March 18: Staffing plans due by 11:59 PM
  • By March 19: Principals must provide a verbal notification to any staff
    who were displaced in the staffing plan submitted to HR
  • April 13 & 27: Job Expo for Secondary level administrators
  • April 15 & 29: Job Expo for Elementary level administrators

Black History Month Resources

February is Black History Month, Allan Chinn passed along this list as a starting point for resources. There are many other resources available; Rethinking Schools, the Zinn Education Project, and Facing History and Ourselves to name a few.

Information on the origins of Black History Month:
• Video: How Black History Went From a Week to a Month
• Article: Black History Themes
• Article: The Man Behind Black History Month

On Teaching:
How to Be an Anti-Racist White Educator
What Anti-Racist Teachers Do Differently

Black Youth Leaders and Activists:
• Past: Youth in the Civil Rights Movement
• Present: Young Black Activists, Young Black Leaders and Creators Making History Today, Amanda Gorman

Black History Month 2021
For 2021, the BHM theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. There’s obviously such a wealth of resources to work with here, but these are a few books related to this theme:
• Read-aloud: Me and Mama
• Sony Animation: Hair Love
• Read-aloud (there are many other ones on this YouTube channel): We March

Other Resources:
Virtual History Journeys
Celebrating Black Leaders

Keep in mind that black history and teaching the story of historically of marginalized groups should be a year round-activity and not just a sidebar or novelty to the American history typically taught in U.S. schools. It should be viewed as a central part of the American story.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

Feb 8 (M)
12:30-1:30, Tom to 850 Howard Work Group with BJ Blake, Jeff Johnson, John Wayland, and Sarah Prater
1:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principal Meeting

Feb 9 (T) Wendy Taking Leave, Claryn to Cover
8:00-4:00, McKenzie to Training Sessions
2:30-3:30, PBiS Meeting

Feb 10 (W) – Kelly Absent in the Afternoon
11:00-11:30, EA Meeting
12:30-1:00, Tier III Data Team Meeting: First Grade
1:00-1:30, Tier III Data Team Meeting: Third Grade
2:00-2:30, Tier III Data Team Meeting: Fourth Grade
2:40-4:00 Hybrid Planning

Feb 11 (Tn) – See linked information on Japan National Day

New EA Schedule to Begin


Feb 12 (F)
9:00-10:00, Tom to Physical Distancing Coordinator Meeting
1:00-2:00, 850 Howard Admin Meeting
Feb 15 (M) – Presidents’ Day – School In Session
Staffing Survey Due
4:00-5:00, Tom to All-Admin Meeting
Feb 16 (T)
1:00-2:00, 504 Meeting
2:00-2:30, Tom to Meeting (Personal)
3:00-4:00, YG Staff Meeting
Feb 17 (W) – Kelly Absent in the Afternoon
11:00-11:30, EA Meeting
12:30-1:00, Tier III Data Team Meeting: Kindergarten
1:00-1:30, Tier III Data Team Meeting: Second Grade
2:00-2:30, Tier III Data Team Meeting: Fifth Grade
2:40-4:00 Hybrid Planning
7:00-9:00, 4J School Board Meeting

Feb 18 (Th)
3:00-4:00, Site Council Meeting
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting


Feb 19 (F)
1:00-2:00, 850 Howard Admin Meeting
Coming Up
March 22-26 – Spring Break
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