YG Staff Newsletter – March 8, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – March 8, 2021


March 8 is International Women's Day
March 8 is International Women’s Day

Hello YG staff,

I hope you had a restful weekend. We have two weeks remaining until spring break, and some news from the Governor that raised a lot of questions about the timing for when on-site learning will begin. I hope to have an update to share on Monday afternoon after the elementary principals meeting.

EA Meeting Wednesday

I’m expanding the EA meeting time on March 10th to 10:00-12:00, I need to meet with EAs on-site to review visual screening for COVID symptoms, recess, transition, and other supervision. We will meet in the gym and walk through the building.


Staff Absences

All Week: Michelle – Leslie Houdeshell subbing
Monday: Reiko taking a leave of absence.
Sayaka absent. Scott attending counselors meeting. Nancy and Chasity to substitute.


Hybrid Updates


School Hours, Arrivals and Dismissals


I’m working on a Quick Sheet of all the COVID and Hybrid procedures, but below are hybrid and SSO updates.

Hybrid School Hours – School hours for hybrid are 8:45-1:45. Doors open and supervision begins at 8:30. Students arriving before 8:30 are NOT supervised.

Arrival Procedures – To help maintain physical distancing, we will have three separate entrances. Each will have its own entrance/exit with spots to indicate where students will stand if they are waiting to enter. A staff member will be stationed at each entrance to welcome students and to do a visual check for any signs of illness. Students will pick up a sacked breakfast from a table located on the inside of the entrance. Students will walk directly to their classroom where their teacher will greet them and will also do a daily visual screening of students for signs of illness. Any students showing signs of illness will be walked to the office.

South Entrance – this is the entrance where families have been coming to pick up supplies. Kindergarten and Second Grade will enter and exit here. I had originally thought that kinders should enter through the main entrance, but determined that with grades 3-5 entering through the same entrance, kindergarten should enter through the South Entrance.

West Entrance – First Grade will enter through the doors right by the music room and near Park Avenue. This is close to the traffic, so we will need to keep a close watch. There should be no more than 16 students entering, so the numbers are not high.

Main Entrance – Grade 3-5 will enter through the main doors when they start in April. We have not identifies spots for students to stand outside, as Kelly has not yet scheduled their walk-through with Joyce and Dawn. We will determine where to locate spots for students to stand.

If a student arrives before the doors open at 8:30, they will wait in their car or stand on a sidewalk spot by their assigned entrance.

Dismissal Procedures – At the end of the day, students will exit the building with their teacher, using their designated entrance/exit doors.

Breakfast & Lunches – All students will be provided with a free breakfast and lunch, which they will eat in their classrooms. For breakfast, students will pick up their meal upon entering the building and will take it to their classroom. Lunches will be brought to classrooms. Students will eat meals at their desks and are allowed to remove their masks while eating. All meals are supervised by their classroom teacher.

Classroom Set-Up – Students will be spaced 6-feet apart and all students will have their own individual desk and chair. Students will not share supplies and school supplies will be provided for each students.

School Supplies – 4J is providing all students with basic supplies, but families may also want to send students with extra masks (we hear they can get quite wet by the end of the day) and also a water bottle.

Recess – Students will get a daily 30-minute recess with their cohort group. Students will be allowed to play many of the usual playground games, but they must maintain a 6-feet distance from one another. Soccer, basketball, tag, and any other activities involving contact will not be allowed. Masks will continue to be worn at all times.

Cohort Groups – Students are limited to 100 people they can have close contact with at school each week. We can divide our cohort groups by primary and intermediate and stay within the 100 people limit. We will try to keep the cohorts as small as reasonable.

Health Rooms – If a student does become sick, they will be escorted to the office. We have one designated room for student showing signs of illness to wait until their family is able to pick them up. This room, and a back-up room, will be been outfitted with air purification systems to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Daily Cleaning – Teachers will sanitize desks after each meal. Custodial staff will clean high frequency touch points through the day. Nightly, a school district crew will sanitize every classroom space using an electrostatic spray.

Masks – All people, both students and adults, MUST wear masks at all times while on school property. The only time students may remove their masks is during mealtimes.

Visitors & Volunteers – Only students and staff are allowed inside the building at this time.

Governor’s Reopening Order – If you missed it earlier, linked here is Cydney’s Email 030521 regarding the governor’s new order for K-5 schools to offer full in-person or hybrid by March 29. The email includes the GOV_2021-03-05_InPersonInstruction_NewsRelease with the Governor’s actual order and also includes the email sent to principals, which more plainly states that the hybrid start date for 2-5 may be affected by the order.

Mask Breaks

We should NOT inform students about mask breaks or else you’ll likely end up with a parade of students asking for one. However, if there is a student who is genuinely struggling, here are the official guidelines from Ready Safe Learners:

Group mask breaks” or “full classroom mask breaks” are not allowed. If a student removes a face covering, or demonstrates a need to remove the face covering for a short period of time:

  • Provide space away from peers while the face covering is removed. In the classroom setting, an example could be a designated chair where a student can sit and take a 15 minute “sensory break;”
  • Students must not be left alone or unsupervised;
  • Designated area or chair must be appropriately distanced from other students and of a material that is easily wiped down for disinfection after each use;
  • Provide additional instructional supports to effectively wear a face covering;
  • Provide students adequate support to reengage in safely wearing a face covering;
  • Students cannot be discriminated against or disciplined for an inability to safely wear a face covering during the school day.

Virtual Volunteers This Spring

Volunteers are not being allowed into schools this spring, but we can have virtual volunteers. If you are interested in having a virtual volunteer take a look at this Email – Volunteers, Volunteer Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability, and Volunteer guidelines 20_21.

Erin’s Law & Second Step Child Protection Unit

4J uses the Second Step Child Protection Unit to meet this requirement. For each grade level, there are six lessons, which are to be covered at three points in the school year. The recommendation is to teach lessons 1-4 in the fall, lesson 5 right before spring break, and lesson 6 right before summer break.

I’ve posted scanned versions of Child Protection Unit in the 371 YG Staff Google Drive. I also placed a link in the YG Staff Information Google Doc.

Staffing Updates

Hybrid Utility Support EA – Principals received a set of candidates on Thursday afternoon. I learned there were a total of 19 candidates for 17 positions, so I tried to hold interviews quickly before other schools hired the best candidates. I held interviews Friday afternoon, but I found out that my top choice had already interviewed at three other schools that day. This position is 5.5 hours.

Additional EA – I received approval last week to post a 5-hour EA position. I expect to see it posted this week. It will have to be posted for 5 days, then I will need to screen candidates and schedule interviews. By the time I actually hire the person, I might be able to get the hours to 5.5. This will only be for the spring and will not continue into next fall.

Return to In-Person Learning and SSO

The documents below related to Hybrid, SSO, and COVID are linked in the 01 YG Staff Information Google doc for easy reference.

Childcare Resource List

I sent this to staff in an email, but I’m resending was the linked Childcare Resource List, as well as a link to Employment-Related Day Care program (ERDC), which helps eligible staff pay for childcare while they are working. 4J is also working on a program to provide partial subsidies for childcare costs for 4J staff using federal funds, and will share more information if this becomes available to help staff with school-age children.

COVID-19 Suggestion Box

The linked COVID-19 Suggestion Box will be posted in each newsletter for staff to make suggestions. I check it every Monday.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

March 8 (M) – International Women’s Day
Sayaka Absent, Scott at Counselors Meeting. Nancy and Chastity to cover their absences
Reiko Taking Leave of Absence
12:00-1:00, 850 Howard Work Group
1:30-3:30, Elementary Principal Zoom Meeting
March 9 (T)
2:30-3:30, PBiS Meeting
6:30-7:30, Meeting with YGK Latino Families
March 10 (W) – Elementary Transition Prep
10:00-12:00, COVID Supervision Protocols
1:00-2:00, Tom to Immersion Principals Meeting
March 11 (Th)
6:00-7:00, Kindergarten Orientation
March 12 (F) – Elementary Transition Prep Day (Async Instruction)
9:00-10:00, Tom to Physical Distancing Coordinator Meeting
3:00-4:00, YG Family Movie
March 15 (M)
4:00-5:00, Tom to All Admin Zoom Meeting
March 16 (T)
3:00-4:00, YG Staff Meeting
March 17 (W) –
8:00-8:45, Check in – Tom and Jeff Johnson
2:40-4:00, PLC
7:00-9:00, School Board Meeting
March 18 (Th)
3:00-4:00, Site Council
6:30-7:30, YG PTO Meeting
March 19 (F)
10:00-11:30, Tom to Virtual Training

Coming Up
March 22-26 – Spring Break
March 29, Hybrid for K-1
April 13 – Kindergarten Orientation
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