Site Council – March 18, 2021

Site Council – March 18, 2021

Site Council Meeting – Thurs, 3:00-4:00pm


  • Stakeholders Reports
    • Admin – status of mural and cherry trees, staffing, return to in-person learning
    • Teachers
    • Classified
    • Families
  • Old Business
    • Review draft work plan for the year
  • New Business
    • Continue to refine and develop the plan
    • Consider project to support learning outside

Topic: YG Site Council Meeting
Time: 3:00-4:00pm

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More information about the site council can be found on the YG website:


Stakeholder reports (admin)
Mural painting project got moved from a general “work order” to “capital improvements”, which means it is a bigger project than initially anticipated. Even though PTO is paying for the actual mural painting, facilities will need to prep the building (put plywood down or something) in order for the muralist to paint on it, which is holding up the timeline of the mural being painted
-no timeline for the mural painting to happen
cherry trees – facilities was going to try to draft parts of old trees onto new trees but found out it couldn’t be done
-in the meantime, there is a current work order in place for new cherry trees to be planted in the field (SK Gaskill – tree specialist for 4J)
-facilities is backlogged prepping for in-person hybrid learning
-Tom will need to check directly with facilities about the status of these projects, he doesn’t receive any type of automatic update
school board planning a process to make a plan where YG and Kelly will ultimately be located – at the school board meeting, they talked about getting both of our programs getting settled into the building this year
-the plan is to figure out how we are going to work together, be co-located with harmonious relationships (this year), then the following year, talk about what we want for both of our programs and what facilities are available to make that happen
-staffing – we have almost exactly the same staffing for next year as this year; 12 certified classroom teachers, part time ELD teacher; have not received SPED staffing yet. Classified staffing looks a bit different, some of the positions added during CDL and hybrid will not be around next year.
-hybrid learning – grades K and 1 start on 3/29, and orientation for grades 2-5 is that same week (5th grade orientation is Monday, 4th grade is Tuesday, 3rd grade is Thursday, 2nd grade is Friday)
new secretary – Laura Whitney will start on Monday, March 29
Stakeholder reports (teacher)
teachers are preparing classrooms for hybrid and classroom, schedules changes after spring break
Stakeholder reports (parents)
-are schedules being staggered for the first week so families in hybrid and families in CDL can have older and younger students both attend? no, school day and schedule cannot be shifted
-what do parents do when they have multiple kids to go in different entrances? Students should enter with their sibling from whichever entrance the oldest sibling uses, so all siblings are using the same entrance for pickup/dropoff.
-can pictures of the classroom be sent out to families? yes, teachers can take pictures and send out to parents
-can parents have information about classroom schedules, lunches, breakfasts, etc.? 
-for parents managing a student at YG and a student at Kelly, has there been any communication about different schedules and overlap? -There will be a period of time from 12:40-1:45 where students from YG and Kelly will both be in the building at the same time, but the cafeteria isn’t being used and students will mainly be on opposite sides of the building, with the exception of Kelly students coming to music in the band room. Kelly students and YG students are using separate bathrooms
parents are asking about ALICE training or any other drills so children know exactly what to do – are there any drills scheduled at this time? drills will be scheduled in early April, new version/training will be happening (4J is no longer using the ALICE method/training)
Agenda Items

Revisiting the work plan:

*Many goals in progress, including work on mural, cherry trees
*Grade levels have used PTO money to purchase books and math manipulatives for all grade levels
*Goals met: grade level incentives/rewards/parties as well as school wide community events (Totoro) during the school day
*Survey about taiko drums (sent to YG staff) were shared – most staff were supportive of purchasing a mix of new large and small taiko drums, Kumiko will start putting together a list (working with other JPN teachers) and send a wish list to PTO – from there, PTO will actually do the ordering of the taiko and covers, etc.
-PTO will consider $10,000-$20,000 to spend on taiko drums and supplies
-We need a piano in the gym/stage, so Tom will look and see if our piano was brought, or ask if there is one available at the district – if not, PTO may be willing to purchase a piano for stage area as part of the taiko purchase
New Business
-outdoor learning area – PTO purchased lap desks, 5th grade is piloting them and will let teachers know how they work, PTO willing to purchase more
-outdoor garden area is not being used by Kelly – how can YG make use of that space? If so, can Site Council designate a committee (PTO) to just take care of it and beautify it?


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