Site Council Meeting – Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Site Council Meeting – Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Site Council Meeting – April 15, 2021

The YG Site Council will be meeting next Thursday, April 15th, from 3:00 to 4:00pm, via Zoom: links sent via email.


  • Stakeholders Reports
    • Admin –
      • update on mural reproduction
      • staffing update – EA position to support reading at 1st grade
      • SIA funds to support classroom libraries – $1050 per classroom
      • YG/Kelly Transition
      • Plans for Garden – update work plan
    • Teachers –
    • Classified – new classified representative
    • Families
  • Old Business
    • Outdoor learning area – PTO purchased lap desks, 5th grade is piloting them and will let teachers know how they work, PTO willing to purchase more
    • Outdoor garden area is not being used by Kelly – how can YG make use of that space? If so, can Site Council designate a committee (PTO) to just take care of it and beautify it? Update -Kelly Stroh and Kelly MS teacher to begin planning
  • New Business

More information about the site council can be found on the YG website:



-Update on mural: the old mural is in the process of being reproduced and placed on four separate panels to be placed in the Kelly building near the library. Will get updates on when it is ready by the next meeting.

-Update on EA position: Claryn Lindly has been assigned to the new four-hour position to support 1st grade reading

-School improvement Act: Support for classroom books- $1050 per classroom

-YG/Kelly Transition: More communication will be sent out regarding the potential move of YG/Kelly

-Plans for Garden (inside chain-link area): Kelly Stroh has offered to take the lead in starting the garden. This will hopefully be a project that YG and Kelly can collaborate together to make a nice aesthetic/educational space.
+Some potential hiccups:
-YG PTO was hoping to move forward with getting the space started. YG will potentially be funding the project without Kelly Middle School
-Some discussions were had about not starting a large project for the space due to YG potentially moving to another building. Talks are still happening for what will go in the space.


-It’s been fun having kids in the building! Students are happy to be back but, however, turn-in rate for Seesaw assignments have decreased.

-SSO kiddos are loving that they are able to see classmates.

-School has been running smoothly and it has been very enjoyable to be around kiddos again.

-Spreadsheet was put together for Taiko Drums- equipment and shipping will be around

-YG Library: Is currently being unpacked; hopefully will be ready by Fall 2021

-Drop off and pickup has been going smoothly.


-Outdoor Learning Area: PTO purchased lap desks (30)! 5th grade is currently piloting them and PTO is willing to purchase more.


-Next month is Site Council elections. This announcement will go in the next newsletter.
-Work plan: the updates about the mural and the garden are listed in the Google Sheet
-For next meeting: hopefully having updates for what next fall will look like.

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