YG Staff Newsletter – April 19, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – April 19, 2021

Hello YG staff,

This Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day . a day when we recognized the importance of office staff. We are fortunate to have Laura as our new secretary, and in just three weeks on the job, she’s doing a great job of learning new programs and systems. And, I especially appreciate her phone manners with YG families and her eagerness to interact with and support our students.

Anti-Racism PD this Wednesday

Wednesday PD/PLC Time – Shared earlier, there will be an anti- racism PD (2:40-4:00) on Wednesday. This is required for licensed staff and optional, though encouraged, for classified staff. For any classified staff wanting to attend, but outside their work hours, I’m open to trade-time or other arrangements if you connect with me ahead of time.

Anti-Racism for Second Step – Second Step regularly updates their resources and have added an Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Resources page . This page has materials ranging from lessons to book recommendations with discussion guides to PD. There’s a lot there and that can be overwhelming, so my recommendation is to look through the Resources for Educators for your own learning and Resources for Working with Students for lessons, discussions, and actions with students.

Students in Quarantine May Not Go To Class

Last week 4J had the first students in quarantine show up at school. Lane County Public Health will NEVER allow a student to end quarantine early. No doctor’s note may shorten quarantine. if a student comes to school during quarantine they are to immediately be moved to the Isolation Room and we will immediately arrange to have them sent home.

Identifying COVID-quarantined students in TeacherVUE

Garry McCready sent an email to teachers Friday afternoon, saying that with the recent surge of COVID-19 infections, it’s very important to keep everyone safe by quickly identifying students who shouldn’t be in buildings, because they are being quarantined due to a COVID diagnosis or possible exposure. Attached is a one-page document (Quarantine Indicators during COVID) describing how (when taking attendance) to identify students in TeacherVUE who should not be in the building. Please remove the student from your classroom as soon as possible to limit exposure to others. Your school will have more information about the specific process when an excluded student is identified on your school premises. This typically involves the student staying in a designated location until they can be transported home.

So we need you to be diligent taking attendance at the beginning of every period and identifying any students who shouldn’t be on-site.

District Administrator Updates

Larry Williams is moving to the Ed Center for a district role supporting educational equity and inclusion. Larry is a veteran instructional leader dedicated to promoting equitable access to education and positive student outcomes in traditionally under-served communities. He has been principal of Arts & Technology Academy since 2017. AJ Hruby will step into the principal’s office at Arts & Technology Academy. AJ is a skilled and compassionate school leader and educator. She is well familiar and well known at ATA, where she has been the assistant principal for the past five years. For full details, see the Admin Update email.

Earth Day is April 22nd

Earth Day is annually observed around the world on April 22nd. If you’d like ideas for this day, linked here are Edutopia Resources, Education World, the EPA Website, and Tana Shepard’s Earth Day Email, and 4J’s Earth Action Week website.


IEP/504 Collaboration Logs are to be completed each Monday by 4:00pm for the previous week of lessons when a new unit begins. This will continue through hybrid. Teachers still need to  complete a separate entry for reading, writing and math instruction (for the entire unit, not for each daily lesson). One response is required for each content area you teach in which students with disabilities are receiving specially designed instruction or 504 accommodations. If teachers do not have any students with a 504 or IEP related to reading, writing, or math, they do not need to complete this form. Linked here is an SSD Slide Show w/Voiceover on this topic. Note: this was created in September and does not reflect the change made mid-year when it was changed from weekly to when a new unit was started.

504 Documentation: Since 504 Plans are typically not content area specific, if a teacher completed at least one log entry for a student with an IEP in any content area, that will cover the requirement for students with a 504 Plan.

Social Skills Only IEP Goals: If classroom teachers are delivering the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) to meet social skills goals, they would fill out the log form, but in most cases it is SPED staff delivering social skills instruction and they will be the ones documenting this SDI on their own log.

COVID-19 Suggestion Box

The linked COVID-19 Suggestion Box will be posted in each newsletter for staff to make suggestions. I check it every Monday.

Schedule of Upcoming Events


April 19 (M)
2:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
4:00-5:00, Tom to All-Admin Meeting

April 20 (T)
6:30-7:30, Latino Family Night

April 21 (W) – Administrative Professionals Day also National Kindergarten Day

8:00-8:45, Tom Check-In with Jeff Johnson
9:00-10:00, 850 Howard Admin Meeting – Tentative
12:30-1:00, Tier III Team Meeting, 1st
1:00-1:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 3rd
2:00-2:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 4th
2:40-4:00, Anti-Racism Training
4:00-5:00, 850 Howard Admin Meeting with Maria Covernali

April 22 (Th) Earth Day
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting

April 23 (F) National Cherry Cheesecake Day

April 26 (M) National Kids and Pets Day
2:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

April 27 (T) National Tell a Story Day
6:30-7:30, Latino Family Night

April 28 (W) National Great Poetry Reading Day
12:30-1:00, Tier III Team Meeting, Kinder
1:00-1:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 2nd
2:00-2:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 5th
2:40-4:00, PLC/Staff Meeting

April 29 (Th) National Poem In Your Pocket Day

April 30 (F) National Arbor Day 


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