YG Staff Newsletter – May 10, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – May 10, 2021

Dear YG staff,

I hope you enjoyed the Mother’s Day weekend.

EA Stand Up Meeting – Tuesday in the Gym

There will be a short, stand-up meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2PM in the gym. I’d like to discuss one matter with EAs regarding communication. I will follow up with an email to EAs.

Lunch Schedule for Scott

Week of May 10







Counselor Mtg


Counselor Mtg





Counselor Mtg


Counselor Mtg

Connie – 2nd

Connie – 4th

Lunch Schedule for Tom

Time Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
11:20-11:50 Kenji Amanda Mariko Kelly


Wednesday PD/PLC Time

Principals were asked to hold this Wednesday’s PD/PLC time for a potential meeting and/or training. I’ll email staff on Tuesday with a draft agenda.

This Wednesday meeting will be for licensed staff only. More information to follow on Tuesday.

Last Week of School

The Elementary Operatations Committee will meet on May 14th to make recommendations for how to schedule the last week of school. Elementary principals have suggested:

Monday – Cohort A hybrid, last day on site
Tuesday – Cohort B hybrid, last day on site
Wednesday – a longer online day for all (like CDL schedule)
Thursday – short online day for all (like current Wednesdays)

Nothing has been decided yet. I will notifiy staff as soon as I learn the outcome.

Earthquake & Fire Drill 5/25 & 5/27 @1:15

We will conduct our May Fire Drill and our one required Earthquake Drill for the year on Tuesday. 5/25, and Friday, 5/27, at 1:15 for each cohort. For the Earthquake Drill, teach students to “Drop, Cover, Hold” meaning drop to the ground (so you don’t fall over), cover yourself by going under a desk (to protect yourself from falling objects), and hold onto the desk legs (so you stay under cover and don’t get bounced out). There are many resource on The Great Oregon Shake Out website, for you to teach students about Drop, Cover, Hold and earthquake preparedness. John or I will make a short announcement about the earthquake drill and will shortly after announce “EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE!” at which point students will Drop, Cover, Hold. We will pull the fire alarm to signal when the Earthquake Drill is over, at which point classes should evacuate the building (in a real earthquake, you’d evacuate when the quake stops). Don’t forget your Emergency Binder!

Library Connection – Amy Page sent this week’s Library Connection to principals in Friday’s email. She also sent an additional email with the message:

Here is the lateset Library Ed Tech PD: Book Creator. This PD is totally easy to watch and work through on your own time. Book Creator is a fabulous tool useful for all K12 students, not joke! I’ve used it with kinders and I’ve seen amazing, beautiful books created by high schoolers! It’s super easy and intuitive.

2021-2022 School Supplies Update

Schools will not collect supply fees or put out supply lists. Instead, downtown is developing a comprehensive list of school supplies, which the Financial Service Department will work with school secretaries on ordering. If there are specific things schools need that aren’t on this list, we will need to figure that out at the building level. (For example, 4th grade could collect a fee for rockets or 3rd grade could collect fees for field trips.)

iPad Collection

In case you were wondering, the Technology department is considering not collecting iPads this June, and allowing students to keep them over the summer. This is not a final decision, and some principals have concerns about the iPads being on loan over the entire summer, but other school districts are allowing it. Stay tuned for more information to come.

“1000 Hopes”

The 1000 Hopes Art Installation is outside at the downtown Eugene Public Library all May and students are invited to express (on a bookmark sized piece of paper) a hope, dream, prayer, write a loved one’s name, or unburden a sorrow or worry.

Last week, Sara dropped off 200 sheets of bookmark size paper, enough for grades 3-5 to contribute to the project.

District Admin Updates – Dr. José Salgado from Mississippi will replace Charis McGaughy as the new Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. Brooke Wagner will be the new temporary Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services. This position is temporary because this was Cydney Vandercar’s position and her superintendent position is interim. Cydney still has rights to her old position.


Waste Prevention Education Materials
Tana Shepard sent a quick update on the delivery of waste prevention education material. She asked, if possible, to please supply a few photos/anecdotes of any of the following for grant reporting purposes:
-kids taking the bags home
-any other waste prevention learning, projects/work kids have done…or Earth Day
-nutrition services staff/students composting (fyi-all kitchens should be collecting food waste in the back of house as per the 4J Love Food Not Waste plan)
-custodial staff disposing of food waste


IEP/504 Collaboration Logs are to be completed each Monday by 4:00pm for the previous week of lessons when a new unit begins. This will continue through hybrid. Teachers still need to  complete a separate entry for reading, writing and math instruction (for the entire unit, not for each daily lesson). One response is required for each content area you teach in which students with disabilities are receiving specially designed instruction or 504 accommodations. If teachers do not have any students with a 504 or IEP related to reading, writing, or math, they do not need to complete this form. Linked here is an SSD Slide Show w/Voiceover on this topic. Note: this was created in September and does not reflect the change made mid-year when it was changed from weekly to when a new unit was started.

504 Documentation: Since 504 Plans are typically not content area specific, if a teacher completed at least one log entry for a student with an IEP in any content area, that will cover the requirement for students with a 504 Plan.

Social Skills Only IEP Goals: If classroom teachers are delivering the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) to meet social skills goals, they would fill out the log form, but in most cases it is SPED staff delivering social skills instruction and they will be the ones documenting this SDI on their own log.

COVID-19 Suggestion Box

The linked COVID-19 Suggestion Box will be posted in each newsletter for staff to make suggestions. I check it every Monday.

Schedule of Upcoming Events


May 10 (M) National Clean Up Your Room Day
11:20-11:50, Kocho Sensei Lunch with Kenji’s Class
2:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

May 11 (T) National Eat What You Want Day
9:20-9:50, Tom conducting formal observation
11:20-11:50, Kocho Sensei Lunch with Amanda’s Class
1:00-1:30, Tom conducting formal observation
2:00, EA Stand-Up Meeting in the Gym

May 12 (W) Spirit Wednesday – College Day
National School Nurse Day
12:30-1:00, Tier III Team Meeting, Kinder
1:00-1:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 2nd
2:00-2:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 5th
2:40-4:00, PLC/Staff Meeting Hold Time

May 13 (Th) National Apple Pie Day
Cyndi Norwood On Leave

11:20-11:50, Kocho Sensei Lunch with Mariko’s Class
4:30-5:30, Understanding Your PERS Benefits Presentation on Zoom

May 14 (F) National Dance Like a Chicken Day
11:20-11:50, Kocho Sensei Lunch with Kelly’s Class
Kelly Absent in the PM

May 17 (M) National Pack Rat Day
4:00-5:00, Tom to All Admin Meeting

May 18 (T) – Picture Day for Cohort A

May 19 (W) – Picture Day and Supply Pickup for SSO
1:00-4:00, State Assessment for Cohort A and 5th Grade SSO
Spirit Wednesday – Favorite Animal/Book Character

May 20 (Th) – Picture Day for Cohort B
3:00-4:00, Site Council Meeting
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting

May 21 (F) National Pizza Party Day

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