Site Council – June 3, 2021

Site Council – June 3, 2021


  • Stakeholders Reports
    • Admin
      • Status of building, concerns about starting in fall
      • Plans for final week
      • Summer programs
    • Teachers
    • Classified
    • Families
      • YG Fanily Survey update and next steps
      • Fundraising and other financial planning for next school year.
  • Old Business
    • Site Council Parent Membership for 2021-2022
  • New Business
    • First meeting in September
      • 9/23?


First meeting in September – The site council members in attendance agreed to hold the first meeting. The site council will determine the work calendar, establish group agreements, and begin establishing a work plan for the year.

Welcome new site council members for 2021-2022
Lisa Heyamoto was elected to represent parents on site council.
Rebecca Hart was also elected and will continue as a member on the site council.
Each member will serve a one-year term.

Admin – Status of the Building – summary of report to the school board at June 2nd meeting.

Summary of Ryan Spain’s report to the 4J School Board – June 2

Evaluating Inner Gym Structure

  • Week of May 31-June 4: roof trusses shored up so that engineers from Hyland are able to safely evaluate the damage and assess what the next steps will be.
  • This could take 2-3 weeks before Facilities will know what action will be taken: either replace or repair.

Starting school in the fall for Kelly and YG

  • Ryan was “confident” that KMS and YG would be able to start school in the building.
  • The goal would be to complete roof repair or replacement
    • If not able to do so before school starts, delay work until following summer
    • If not repaired fully, the inner gym would not be used
  • Regardless of whether the roof trusses repaired/replaced, the inner gym would be shored up and safe for the students/staff to use the nearby classroom spaces and outer gym.
  • KMS has one PE teacher and the outer gym will be sufficient for PE needs
  • Potential to move modular from Willard site to Kelly if additional classrooms needed

Plans for final week – Staff are working to complete plans for a “field day” experience for students K-4 on June 16th and 5th grade on June 17th. Students will be permitted to play on the playground and spend time with each other on site.

Summer Japanese Program plans – The principal will find out from 4J what support they will provide for a Japanese summer camp. Jeanne Mandrapa and Rita Gillihan are working together to create a summer camp similar to ones that were held in previous summers. Parents want to know as soon as they are making their plans for the summer. At least three education assistants, Michelle Melvin, Janesta Sola, and Clayrn Lindley have expressed interest in working this summer in a Japanese program.

Family report – The PTO sent a parent survey (with 43 responses). Chelsea reported that many parents expressed concerns over the condition of the building and whether or not it would be safe to return to the building in the fall. Some concerns expressed over losing students.

Fundraising – The council discussed the need for YG staff to resume its own fundraising efforts. YG is planning to host Jikyuso next year.

Classified staff – report that several education assistants, Jeanne Mandrapa, Elayne Goodban, Michelle Melvin, Claryn Lindley, and Naoko Manabe, have been working with students to support in-person learning in the River Road Elementary building.

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