Kindergarten Transition – September 8, 2021

Kindergarten Transition – September 8, 2021

Dear kindergarten families:

I’m writing to provide a reminder about the first day of school for kindergarten, tomorrow, September 9th. Kindergarten students should be dropped off and picked up in the pull-around off of North Park (Southwest end of property).

Doors open at 8:20 and class begins at 8:30. Please drive into the pull-around and stop at the double doors and follow these guidelines:

Drop Off

  • Drive slowly and be mindful of children waiting at the entrance.
  • Keep moving: As the cars in front of you move, move ahead as well. All adults will need to stay in the car.
  • Say goodbye quickly: Have your child exit or enter your car quickly but safely to help keep traffic flowing. Certainly allow time for your child to unbuckle their seat belts.
  • Please be patient: It may take a while to unload or load students.
  • Stay Alert: Our parking lot can get busy, so please watch for students.

Pick Up

  • An attendant will be located in the lot to help direct traffic.
  • Please stop and let the attendant know which child or children you are picking up.
  • The attendant will radio inside and your child will walk out to the pick up site.
  • We will line up 4-5 cars near the exit and load children in shifts, with one set of cars loading while another set of cars wait around the perimeter of the drive through.
  • When one set of cars leaves, another set of cars will be lined up, and their children will be called to be picked up.
  • We know this may take a while, especially at the beginning, but please bear with us as we are trying to find the safest way to dismiss our youngest children.

We hope you are as excited to be here as we are. We look forward to having a great first day of school.

See you all tomorrow!


Kocho Sensei

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