Staff Newsletter – September 13, 2021

Staff Newsletter – September 13, 2021

Dear YG staff,

We had only two days of school last week, but I was really tired by Friday afternoon. It felt like a looong week. I hope you took some time to care for yourselves this weekend. I’m posting a video produced by Edutopia that might find interesting as you continue to focus on Care and Connection this week.

I hope you find this to be useful.

Items of Note

Revised Arrival Process for Primary

I have talked with Michelle Melvin about opening up the gym starting at 8:10 AM for primary students and their older siblings. Michelle will start arriving at 8:00AM. She will be able to bring Booker into the gym. Booker can be in the gym as long as there are no other staff there.

  • At 8:10, Michelle will open the gym door and start letting them inside.
  • They will wait in line in the vestibule, spaced 3 feet apart.
  • At 8:20, Reiko will bring students inside from the gym and Michelle will assist with student entry at the west entrance

Moving breakfast bags and milk – On or around 8:15, EAs will need to move the breakfasts and milk from the cafeteria to the entry points.

  • Breakfast will be on a large cart. Elayne will move that to the main entrance
  • Claryn will pick up a second large cart and move that to the south entrance
  • Jeanne will need to carry a box of breakfast items to the west entrance. There is a small rolling cart to use if necessary.

At 8:20. EAs will be at their entry points when the doors open to greet students and assist them with breakfast.

Entry Points for Siblings

  • Kindergarten students with siblings will arrive at the south entrance. Older siblings will walk on their own to their appropriate classes. First grade siblings may need some guidance initially, but there are few K-1 siblings.
  • First/Second grade siblings (no other siblings) arrive in the gym.
  • First and second grade siblings who have older siblings will arrive through the main doors.

Entry Procedures for Grades 3-4-5 and Siblings

  • At 8:20, Teachers will bring 5th grade students to their classrooms, followed by 4th grade, followed by 3rd grade.
  • Younger siblings and primary students from the YMCA will be escorted by Janesta to primary classes in the first week of school.
  • Siblings and YMCA students will walk on their own to class after the first week.
  • Students from the YMCA will walk to their classrooms.

Revised Dismissal Procedures

Dismissal of Students with Kindergarten Siblings

Older students who have kindergarten siblings will be escorted to the gym by Jennie. Older siblings will leave about 2 minutes early until during the first week of school. Later they will walk to the gym on their own.

Dismissal of Primary Students with Older Siblings

Students in first and second grade will be released 1 minutes early and escorted to the hallway outside of 2nd grade.

  • Elayne will collect 2nd grade students with older siblings.
  • First grade students with older siblings will be escorted by Jeanne to join 2nd grade students with older siblings.
  • Elayne will escort 1st and 2nd grade students with older siblings to front lobby.
  • Younger siblings will wait until their older siblings walk by and they will join their older siblings as they walk out.

Classroom teachers will walk students out of the building through their designated exit. Teachers will wait with students in their designated area, keeping students 3-feet apart and reminding adults to wear masks, drivers to stay in their car, and for adults to refrain from bunching up. Order of dismissal: 3rd grade dismisses first, followed by 4th grade, then 5th.

Classified staff will be assigned as follows:

  • South Entrance – Claryn and Reiko
  • West Entrance – Jeanne (and Michelle for now)
  • Main Entrance – Elayne and Laura/Tom/Machiko

We will talk further at our Tuesday meeting to make sure the details are clear to all involved.

Welcome Assembly – Mon, Sept. 13th @2:30PM

As mentioned last week in a couple of email messages. We will hold a brief welcome assembly to give a welcoming message to students and for staff to introduce themselves. Due to distancing requirements, we will need to hold the assembly on Zoom. Teachers can connect on zoom and show their zoom session on their SMART Boards. Please use this zoom link

Fire Drill – Tuesday, September 14th @10:30AM

We will hold a fire drill this Tuesday. We will put up signage to indicate the location where each class will need to go when they evacuate. Classes will line up along the fence behind the building. Classes will line up approximately aligned to a fence post with 5th grade at the farthest posts to the east and the kindergarten on the farthest posts to the west.

PTO Meeting – Tuesday, September 14th @6:30PM

This is a repeat from last week. The PTO meeting was moved to Tuesday due to the Yom Kippur holy days falling on Wednesday and Thursday. At the first PTO meeting teachers attend to show support for the PTO; however, this year we will expect teachers to come in full force at the October meeting on the 21st. Teachers are still encouraged to attend the first meeting.

Use the following Zoom information. ID: 912 1559 0068
Passcode: YGPTO

Wednesday Preparing Guest Teacher Folders

Instead of holding our first professional development meeting this Wednesday, teachers will be assigned time, 3:15-4:00, in order to prepare guest teacher folders. See Guest Teacher Folder Ideas for suggestions on what to place in the folders. Action Item – teachers use the time on Wednesday afternoon to organize their guest teacher folders. New teachers, please connect with me if you have questions.

Staff Stay Home If…

A reminder from the 4J COVID-19: Staff Information – Fall 2021-22 Slide Show I went over two weeks ago, staff must conduct a daily self-check and attest to the following:

– You are not experiencing primary COVID symptoms due to an unknown illness:

• Fever of 100.4° F or higher • Chills
• Cough
• Shortness of breath
• Difficulty breathing
• New loss of taste or loss of smell
• Note: Not all persons with COVID-19 exhibit primarysymptoms, particularly in the less-likely breakthrough cases in individuals who are fully vaccinated.

– You have not been identified as a close contact of a person who is COVID-19 positive;
– You do not live with a person who is COVID-19 positive;
– You are not awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test that was administered due to COVID symptoms; and
– You have not been placed in isolation or quarantine by a health provider or by Lane County Public Health.

If in doubt, please call, text, or email me.

REPEAT – 4J produced protocol videos (in English and Spanish). These have been published on Vimeo and are now live and available to view. These are also available on district social media and the 4J website.

Attendance 15-Minutes After Tardy Bell

Principals were asked to remind teachers that attendance needs to be taken by 8:45, 15-minutes after the 8:30 start of school.

Classroom Newsletters

I’d like to have copies (email is best) of classroom newsletters when teachers send or email them home to families. This helps me keep up to date on what’s happening or going to happen in classes when families ask and it also lets me know details of any class activities that I might be able to get local media to come out and cover.


No Evening Events on School Board Nights

A reminder that schools are not to schedule evening events that conflict with School Board Meetings, not that we’ll have as many events due to COVID restrictions, but I’ve added Board Meeting to the Staff Zimbra Calendar

easyCBM Fall Benchmark Testing Window

ODE guidance has been exceedingly clear on schools providing “Care & Connection” with students and families for the first two weeks of school. Schools should plan on starting the 1-minute 1:1 assessments the week of September 20th and the whole group measures starting the week of September 27th (my birthday!). The window will be open through October 14th.

State Vaccine Mandate Reminder

Fully vaccinated staff must submit a copy of their proof of vaccine even if they received their shot from a 4J clinic and did the district vaccine verification process. OHA requires the district have a copy of employee vaccination documentation. The deadline for submitting the required OHA exception form is Monday, September 13th at noon. Linked here is the HR Vaccine Mandate Email sent earlier to all staff.

Seesaw and Students in Quarantine

I mentioned this in Friday’s email, but I’ll repeat it here: 4J continues to work with the EEA to reach an agreement regarding how to support students in quarantine. For now, teachers should post materials on Seesaw that a student in quarantine could have a window into activities occurring in the classroom. To make time for this, we are providing teachers time this Friday, September 17th to create a “bank” of asynchronous activities in case we need to take a break from in-person learning.

I’ll notify classroom teachers if a student in your class is on quarantine. Almost all cases this year have been due to a student being a close contact of someone who had COVID and not because they tested positive. Students officially put on quarantine will be flagged in synergy with a house icon like the ones below.

Regular 3-Feet Student & Masking Refreshers

We need to be proactive in addressing 3-feet and masking requirements. You have probably already thought of this, but It will be important to have regular lessons and reminders in the first few weeks of school to address proper wearing of masks and ensuring 3-feet in the classroom, outside, and around the school.

New Information from Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal paid a visit to YG last week, and informed me that we could not have items hanging across the hallways. She allowed us to keep them up until the end of the week. I will be taking them down Monday.

EEF 2021-2022 Grant Applications DUE OCT 1st

EEF Grant Applications are available on their website and are due October 8th. No one has brought a grant to me yet, but before you submit one, let me know your grant title and idea so Site Council can rank order grant submission if we get multiple grants.

Upcoming Changes in Student Services

An Kat Lange sent an email to principals regarding changes to address significant SSD staffing shortages. Most of the changes involve reassigning duties for a lot of itinerant staff (nurses, consultants, etc.), but SSD admin are also looking at caseloads and may reassign building staff to understaffed buildings.


Air Quality Information

The smoke wasn’t so bad that we had to keep inside, but we could still see some smoky conditions in the coming weeks. If you want to know the threshold for when to keep students inside:

  • if the air quality is in-between 101- 149, kids are allowed to go outside, but we are advised to avoid over exertion for outdoor activities.
  • Any air quality over 150 is when we need to keep kids in for inside recess. This includes Kelly MS students who will need to walk through the hallways on their way to lunch instead of walking outdoors.

K-5 Connect & EOA

All families that were offered spots in K-5 connect had to make decisions as of yesterday. Students that have elected to attend K-5 connect are in the program for the remainder of the first semester. We are still taking students from the waiting list at grades where we have room. Families that are contacted on the waiting list will have 24 hours to make a decision before they lose the seat. We hope to have this ironed out in the coming week.

Just in Time Clips and Tips

Be sure to check out the Just in Time Clips and Tips that Kellyclare sent to staff last Thursday.


Classified & Licensed Self Assessment & Goals

All staff, both classified and licensed, need to complete a self assessment in TalentEd by September 30th. Licensed staff need to also complete a Goals Development Form by October 30th, which later next month we can develop some optional building goals people can use.

REPEAT: SELCO’s Educator Grants, Due 9/30

SELCO’s SPARK! Creative Learning Grant Program is now accepting applications for projects up to $1,000 that inspire curiosity, make learning accessible, and spark something new. Applications are due September 30.

Teacher Checklist – 9/13/2021

Upcoming Events

September 13 (M)
First Regular Day of School
2:30-2:45 – Welcome Assembly on Zoom

September 14 (T)
10:30, Fire Drill
1:00-2:00, Laura in Attendance Taking Meeting on Zoom
3:15-4:00, Staff Meeting in Room 14. See Draft Agenda
6:30-7:30pm, YG PTO on Zoom

September 15 (W)
3:15-4:00, Professional Development Preparing Guest Teacher Folders
6:30-7:30, Kelly Parent Night
Sundown Yom Kippur

September 16 (Th)
Regular School Day

September 17 (F)
2:00-3:00, PLC Meeting Preparing Asynchronous Activities
3:00-4:00, Protected Planning Time for Teachers
3:00-4:00, First Grade Team to IEP Meeting

September 20 (M)
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
4:00-5:00. Tom to All-Administrator Meeting

September 21 (T)
3:00-4:00, IEP Meeting 2nd Grade Team

September 22 (W)
3:15-4:00, Professional Development Location TBD

7:00-9:00, School Board Meeting

September 23 (Th)
3:00-4:00, IEP Meeting 2nd Grade Team
3:15-4:00, Site Council Meeting on Zoom

September 24 (F)
2:00-3:00, PLC Meeting Location TBD

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