Principal’s Report – PTO Meeting, September 14, 2021

Principal’s Report – PTO Meeting, September 14, 2021

Dear friends and families of Yujin Gakuen:

This year, I will be posting the principal’s report from each PTO meeting. For this meeting, the report will be brief. See information below:


We are preparing to start using iPads once again. Most students will use the iPads they were assigned last year, but there are some who will be assigned new iPads. Kindergarten students will be assigning new iPads since they are new students. Third grade students should have turned in their iPads last year when they were in 2nd grade, because third grade students will be using iPads with keyboards instead of the iPads with handles.

Except for kindergarten, 3rd grade, and students who are new to 4J, we are expecting students to continue to use the iPads that were assigned to them last year. We have a record of all the students who have iPads or who turned them in, so families do not need to notify us if they returned an iPad last spring. We are asking families to inform the office if your student lost or damaged their assigned iPad, so we can make arrangements to replace the ipad.

Please inform the office by Friday at 3PM if your child’s assigned iPad was lost, damaged, or stolen/missing. If you do not inform us, we will assume your child still has a functioning iPad.

On Friday:

  • All kindergarten students will be assigned an iPad
  • All third grade students will be assigned an iPad equipped for 3rd grade. Please return iPads from last year by Friday at 3PM.
  • Students who are new will be assigned an iPad.
  • Students who reported an iPad missing or damaged will be assigned a replacement iPad.

If you have questions, contact Kocho Sensei at 541-790-4640.


For those who did not read the email, kindergarten and first grade students are now eating lunch inside. We tried to have lunch outside, but the yellow jackets and other issues made it very difficult for them. Older students may still eat lunch outside, but will decided based on weather and other factors.


The new mural is being painted now. The basic design can be seen. The finer details will be completed soon. We hope the mural will be completed by next week.

Next PTO Meeting

In most years, all our teachers come to the first PTO meeting. This year, our teachers will be coming to the October 21st meeting, so if you want to seen and hear from your teachers (on Zoom), please come to the October meeting.


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