YG Staff Newsletter – April 4

YG Staff Newsletter – April 4

Dear YG staff,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend. I got to enjoy a little sunshine. I hope you did too.

Items of Note

Guest Teachers and Substitutes

will be out and Alison will be her substitute.
Scott will be at a counseling meeting Monday morning. Ann Gilles will cover for him.
ThursdayMaran will be out in the morning, and Alison will be her substitute.
FridayTaylor will be taking leave, and Matt Houser will fill in for her.

Jemei will be taking leave starting April 11 and ending May 20. Jemei will be back on May 23rd. Alison Johnson will be her substitute for the entire leave.

April 15th Expectations

This day is scheduled to be 5.5 hours of PD and 2 hours of preparation. Principals were told last Wednesday that we are in charge of the PD for this day (5.5 hours of PD, 2 hours of prep), though a portion of the day will be a district led Zoom, but downtown doesn’t know yet what time that will be. It will cover required Native American education, but I don’t know any of the details at this time. I can’t announce times for the building PD until I know when the district zoom meeting will be held. However, I am planning on having Carl Falsgraf meet with Japanese teachers from 9 to noon. More details on the schedule to follow when I get more information.

Summer School Classified & Licensed Jobs – The new SEALs Summer School Program has a number of openings if folks are looking for summer work. The 4J Jobs website has postings for Teachers (Elementary and Middle), Counselors, Secretaries, and EAs (Elementary and Middle). There are also job postings for K.I.T.S. (Kids in Transition to School) and E.S.Y. (Extended School Year). Most positions close Wednesday.

• SSD Staffing Allocation Update and Clarification – SSD Licensed & Classified Allocations were different this year, with no program identification between LC and CLC staffing. If you are interested, linked here is a Google Slide Show and Google Doc that SSD Admin went over with principals last week. The take-away is that IDEA tells us special education is NOT a place where students go to receive services, but rather special education services are to follow students as determined by the IEP. There is also an expectation that general education and special education needs to be collaborative.

• Oregon Blue Book Student Essay Contest – If you’re looking for a writing topic that may grab your kids’ interest, the Oregon Blue Book Student Essay Contest theme for the year is, “Oregon Students Share Their Pandemic Experience.” Students can submit written or video essays. Written essays must be 100-300 words and will include an illustration to go with the essay. Video essays must be two minutes or less. Winners will be featured in the 2023 Blue Book and also invited to the State Capitol for the official Oregon Blue Book Release Party. The contest is open until October 20, 2022.

Here’s a link to the Library Connection.

Upcoming Events

April 4 (M) – Tournament of Books Final

April 5 (T)
3:15-4:00, iPBS Meeting in Conference Room

April 6 (W)
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
5:30-6:30pm, 4J School Board Work Session (Zoom)

April 7 (Th)
5:00-6:30, Tom to PERS Webinar
6:30-7:30, Kelly MS Parent Group Meeting

April 8 (F)
2:00-3:00, Friday PLC/PD – Japanese Teachers Work on Report Cards; ELA – PLC
3:00-3:30, Tom meeting with Mary and Angela Crumm

April 11 (M)
4:00, Tom to leave early for doctor appointment

April 12 (T)
3:15-4:00, Staff Meeting via Zoom

Meeting ID: 954 6273 6541
Passcode: 739154

April 13 (W)
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
5:30-6:30pm, 4J School Board Work Session (Zoom)

April 14 (Th)
4:00-7:00, Tom to Job Expo on Zoom

April 15 (F)
9:00-12:00, Friday PLC/PD – Japanese Teachers Work on Report Cards with Carl Falsgraf

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