State Testing Information

State Testing Information

Every year, students in grades 3–8 and 11 complete state tests. These assessments are only one measure of a student’s academic success, but provide important information for students, parents and schools.

State tests were suspended in the 2019–20 school year and reduced in 2020–21 due to the pandemic and schools’ shift to distance learning. For the 2021–22 school year, state testing is expected to return to normal and students will complete the annual state tests this spring.

Most students participate in state testing, but parents have the right to opt out if they choose. The opt-out form for math and language arts tests is available online. Parents can submit a written request to opt out of science testing on the basis of disability or religion. Students who opt out of state tests, beyond a certain amount, are counted as not proficient in their school’s reported test results.

Some ways you can help your student be prepared for state testing include:

• Stick to normal routines.
• Avoid scheduling appointments on testing days.
• Show a positive attitude and encourage your child to give their best effort.
• Ensure that your child is well rested and well fed. A good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast help students start each morning alert and ready for learning.
• Help your child arrive at school on time, relaxed and ready for the day.

If you have questions about your school’s testing dates, your student’s test scores or your school’s report card, please talk to your principal. Thank you for partnering with us to help your student succeed in school and beyond.

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