YG Staff Newsletter – April 25, 2022

YG Staff Newsletter – April 25, 2022

Dear YG staff,

This Wednesday is Administrative Professional’s Day, what used to be called “Secretary’s Day” back in the day. I want to give a big shout out to Laura for always being so cheerful and making us all smile when we see her.

Items of Note

Guest Teachers and Substitutes

Jemei continues to be out this week, and Alison will be her substitute.

Thursday – Kelly will be out in the afternoon, and Chastity Doty will be her guest teacher.

FridaySayaka will be taking leave and Erinn Streckfuss-Legare is covering her classes.

Data Team Meetings for K-4 – Tuesday, April 26
Jenny will share the updated schedule. Substitutes have already been scheduled for the day.
Fire Drill – Wednesday, April 27th @ 9:20AM
We had rain last week, so we will try again Tuesday if weather permits.

Digital Access to New ELA Curricula

There is one item from the FAQ for the ELA Adoption; staff can access the materials digitally from the two programs being considered for adoption.

For EL Education, log on to their website, fill out the form to create an account. Check email for confirmation. Create a password using the link from the confirmation email.

For Wit & Wisdom, log on to their website, using the password: “elafororegon.”

Friday Professional Development Follow-Up

If you missed part of the meeting on Friday, you can find the agenda and notes linked here.


What Role Does Vulnerability Play in our Classrooms?
In case you missed it, there was a video that was shared in the 4J Spring TAG Newsletter that you might find inspiring:

It’s hard to find someone in our field completely unfamiliar with shame researcher & author, Dr. Brene Brown. She’s written a good number of books outlining her research on shame, vulnerability, courage, resilience, leadership, and the list goes on. As teachers we know that our students learn best in classrooms where the teacher has created a culture of courage and belonging. Creativity and learning take place when children feel safe to risk and try to learn something new.

Gifted learners are not the only ones who find it especially difficult to appear vulnerable in the classroom, but the truth for all of us is that learning IS inherently vulnerable – by definition. How does our own personal “baggage” effect our teaching? How can we grow as human beings to better serve our learners? Watch this video of Dr. Brene Brown speaking to an audience made up entirely of teachers and see how it makes you feel. Listen to how she describes empathy as the antidote to shame. You just might find yourself inspired and even braver than before.

REPEAT – A Day at a Japanese School

If you recall I was visited by a gentleman who is applying for a job at the UofO. His children lived in Japan and went to school there. He stopped by and gave me some DVDs of a “day in the life” of a 5th grade student attending a Japanese school. There are scenes of his daughter and son, singing songs, having lunch, and cleaning up the school. I was finally able to make a copy that I could share with staff. See linked video below:

A Day at at Japanese School

Upcoming Events

April 25 (M) – Happy Monday
No Admin Initiated Meetings

April 26 (T) – Happy Birthday, Kelly!
3:15-4:00, YG Staff Meeting on Zoom
4:00-8:00, EXPO Secondary

April 27 (W) – Administrative Professionals Day, Happy Birthday, Maran!
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
9:20 – Fire Drill
11:45, Opportunity to See Baby Chicks in Room 2

April 28 (Th)
4:00-8:00, EXPO Elementary

April 29 (F)
2:00-3:00, PLC/PD
2:00-3:00, Takako, Scott, and Tom to North Region Vision Meeting

May 2 (M) – Start of Teacher Appreciation Week
No Admin Initiated Meetings

May 3 (T)
3:15-3:45, 3rd Grade Team Meeting

May 4 (W) – PTO Sponsored Lunch
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
11:45, Opportunity to See Baby Chicks in Room 2

May 5 (Th)

May 6 (F) – PTO Sponsored Snacks/Pastries
9:00-9:30, EA Meeting in Staff Room
2:00-3:00, PLC/PD
6:00-7:30pm, ACE Awards

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