YG Staff Newsletter – May 23, 2022

YG Staff Newsletter – May 23, 2022

Dear YG staff,

I hope you are enjoying the sunny weekend. It feels like we completely skipped over spring this year with so much cloudy and rainy weather. It’s nice to see some sunshine. I spent Saturday with Faith who had a piano competition in Portland. Coincidentally, I ran into Naoko at Uwajimaya.

I’m keeping this short this week. I hope you all enjoy the last, full 5-day week of school.

Items of Note

May 20th Meeting

For staff who did not attend the meeting with Brooke Wagner and Cyd Vandercar, I’ll share some of my observations. For most of the meeting, staff from YG and Kelly sat in mixed groupings, while Brooke led us through an activity. About the first 30 minutes was spent answering clarifying questions, then we engaged in the activity. See the linked May 20 Outline. For future reference, it can also be found in the YG Shared Drive under: 371-YG Staff>02 Transition to 850 Howard>Meetings 2022.

Sabrina Gordon and Maya Rabasa (school board member) were also in attendance.

Friday – May 27- Class Lists Prep for 2022-2023

In lieu of a meeting, I’m allocating this time for teachers to prepare class lists for next year. This is a Google sheet that’s similar to what we used last year. See the 2022-2023 Class List Placement Form. Please take a look at it and let me know before Wednesday if you would like to see some revisions to the form. If not, I would like us to use this form on Friday.

Staffing Updates

Campus Supervisor – Brooke and Cyd announced at Friday’s meeting that we will have our staffing restored for the campus monitor position that is assigned to Mike. If I recall correctly, Cyd said “8 hours,” even though Mike currently has 7.5 hours. I will seek clarification on Monday regarding the exact number of hours. We also need to clarify if the staffing will be officially split between YG and Kelly. Currently, all 7.5 hours are assigned to YG. More information to follow in next week’s newsletter.

Kindergarten English Teaching Position – I submitted a requisition for our English kindergarten teaching position. This was approved Friday, and will be posted this week. Posting the position will allow candidates from outside the early hire pool to apply for it. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate for this position, please encourage that person to apply.

Recess Equipment

Laura ordered equipment for the playground. Some of the items have already arrived. The intent was to spend what remained in our budget before the end of the year and have this equipment available for the start of next year. If playground supervisors would like to start using the items now, that would be fine, but let’s wait until Laura gets back so we can ensure we received all that was ordered. If you would like to know what was ordered, see below. Also, feel free to let Laura know if there are other items you would like to see available for the playground.


As you know, our old risers were deemed too heavy and not safe for us to use any longer. Fortunately, we have three risers that were here in the Kelly building that we are using for our plays. I was considering purchasing a new set of risers, but I don’t know if they would be visually too distracting. They are easy to move, and they can be arranged in such a way that they can be used as a set of stairs that would allow students to walk onto the stage from the gym floor.

See the link below to get an idea of what the risers would look like, and let me know if you think they would be worth investing our funds.

Cost: $4,169.99


Field Day Information

Caleb Kostechka came over on Tuesday to take a look at our site and to share his ideas for our field day experience slated for Thursday, June 9th. We made some adjustments to the schedule, because his students will be walking from North to our site. We will need to start after 9:15 AM.

Here’s the revised schedule:

Grades 4-5 – 9:30-10:30
Grades 2-3 – 10:40-11:40
Lunch for 9th graders – 11:40-12:00
Grades K-1 – 12:00-1:00

Caleb tells me that there will be 5 staff from NEHS who will be coming over to help supervise and run the field day.

For more information, see the Field Day Information Google doc, located in the shared drive: 371 YG Staff>Events>Field Day

The PBiS team will be discussing the field day plan later in the week, and we will make some determinations regarding whether or not we want to add an element of competition, do we want to have water involved, what treats to provide and other information.

Reminder – Taking Time Off Work

I’m pretty flexible when staff need to take time off, especially if you need to arrive late after an early morning appointment or if you have to leave early. However, if you do make an appointment, and you know you will need to take some time off, please let me know as soon as you can. Most of the time, it’s not a problem, but there have been some days when we have three or more staff absent without anyone available to cover for them. Thank you for giving me a heads up when you need to take time off.

Site Council Parent Representatives

Last Thursday, we cancelled the site council meeting since both parent representatives could not attend. At that time, we did not have anyone apply to serve as a parent representative. Last Friday, though, I received one from Marisa Kettelhodt. See her Site Council Application. We will consider Marisa for site council membership at our June meeting.

Superintendent Finalist Candidate Withdraws

One of four finalists has withdrawn from consideration for the 4J superintendency

One of four finalist candidates for the 4J superintendent position, Dr. Iton Udosenata, has decided to withdraw from consideration.

Dr. Udosenata, currently assistant superintendent of Salem-Keizer Public Schools and previously principal of North Eugene High School, was one of the four finalist candidates who were named by the board on May 2 and took part in a series of interviews in Eugene with stakeholder panels on May 11. The finalists were selected following a nationwide recruitment and consideration of candidates.

“It has been an honor to be considered as a finalist to lead an exceptional school district like Eugene 4J,” Dr. Udosenata said. “Participating in the interview process for the Eugene superintendency was an extraordinary experience. Through this process I gained clarity that it is not the right timing for my family to make this transition. I care deeply for the Eugene School District, my hometown of Eugene and the 4J community. I wish the 4J school board and community the best as they move forward to select the district’s next great leader.”

“The hiring of a superintendent is one of the most important duties we have as a school board,” 4J board chair Judy Newman said. “While we regret seeing one of our finalist candidates withdraw, we are pleased to have three outstanding candidates to consider. I am confident the board will together select a superintendent who has the skills and qualities our community seeks to lead our school system. Our students, our staff and our community deserve no less.”

The three remaining finalist candidates are, in random order:
• Lin Johnson III, Doctoral Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
• Andy Dey, Director of Secondary Education, Eugene School District 4J
• Cydney Vandercar, Interim Superintendent, Eugene School District 4J

District Admin Updates

Linked here is an Admin Update email with a few district admin updates. Spring Creek principal Sebastian Bolden will be the new Director of Middle School Education. This is a new position and a bit of a restructure. Currently there are two elementary directors and one secondary director for middle and high. Prior to that, there were two directors of K-8 and one director of high schools. Now each level will have their own director or directors. The other admin updates were secondary assistant principals if you’re interested.

Teacher Pay Teachers
We have been asked by the Instruction Department to send a reminder that we are not allowed to purchase materials from Teacher Pay Teachers due to potential copyright violations, adoption procedures, etc. Please make sure your staff understands they will not be reimbursed by the District and we will not pay Teacher Pay Teachers directly.

Erin’s Law & Second Step Child Safety Unit

All classroom teachers should use the Second Step Child Protection Unit for meeting the state Erin’s Law requirements. For each grade level, there are six lessons, which are to be covered at three points in the school year, with Lessons 1-4 in the fall, lesson 5 right before spring break, and lesson 6 right before summer break (within the last two weeks of school). Each grade level has their own kit, but linked here are Child Protection Unit Scans of the teacher guides if that makes things easier.

REMINDER: 3/4/5 Climate Survey DUE May 31

A reminder for 3/4/5 teachers to have students complete the student climate survey by the end of the month.

English version: Spanish version:

Directions for administration:

  1. Please show the 7-minute video linked here, Learning About Bullying Pt 1, before administering
  2. Assure students that their answers are completely confidential and others will not know how they responded
  3. Administer the survey to grades 3-5 ONLY (No K-2)

REPEAT – FOSS Science Kits

We didn’t have time to show the slide deck and also discuss the intern luncheon, so we decided that teachers would watch it on their own. See below:

  • FOSS Kit 1:1 Rollout Slidedeck
  • Main points:
    • Each classroom teacher with have their full year of science curriculum (3 modules).
    • Science kits will no longer be returned and restocked at the district level.
    • District will support restocking of consumables and live materials.
    • Teachers Submit a Spring 2022 Restocking Form to replenish consumables.
    • Continue to use the 4J Science website for the prioritized lessons & standards (since there’s not enough time to teach ALL lessons).
    • Additional kits will be delivered to schools over the summer.
    • Kits need to be cared for as if you were passing them along to another teacher.
    • Keep items in the boxes that they belong in. Use the list on the front of each box to keep track.
    • Kits are stocked for multiple uses, but you will have the opportunity after each use to fill out a Kit Restock form.
    • Storage and maintenance of science kits will be managed at the building level, but I will be talking with my director about finding other options for storage.

REPEAT – iPad Collections

The district has made the decision to collect all student iPads K-8 at the end of the 2021-2022 School year.  While some schools have continued with a true 1:1 where students take iPads home daily others have chosen to keep devices at school.

Most schools already have enough carts to accommodate this, but the technology department is currently working on inventory and moving carts from middle schools to support this initiative.  Once you have all of your cows in place you may start requiring students to maintain iPads at school. Starting May 31st after Memorial Day,  all devices at all elementary schools need to be stored at school.

4J Weekly Library Connection: May 16-20

PD on the Fly – Here is the link for this week’s PD on the Fly.

Guest Teachers and Substitutes

Laura will be taking leave Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. Jessica Claypool will be in on Monday and Tuesday.
Jemei will be back from her leave this week.

Monday – Taylor is out. Matt Houser will be her guest teacher.
Michelle Melvin will be proctoring OSAS tests in the AM and PM. Jessica Claypool
will cover for Michelle while she is proctoring tests.
Machiko is out today, and we do not have a substitute for her..

-Michelle Lampe out; Susan Chubb in for her
-Mary Gevatosky taking an IEP day, Ann Gilles in for her
-Kelly Stroh is out; Alison is in for her

Tuesday – Jessica Claypool to provide office support

Report Cards

Grading day is Friday, June 10th and report cards will be sent home with students the last day of school, Friday, June 17th. Laura will do the “Update Attendance” procedure in Synergy the Thursday before grading day, so wait until grading day to print report cards.

REPEAT – Last Day of School Release Time

Principals got word that schools on the Tier 2 schedule: 8:30 to 3:00 will be released at 11:45 on June 17th, the last day of school.


• Virtual Public Works Week! – The city isn’t doing an in-person Public Works Day this year, buy they are offering a Virtual Public Works Week instead. If you’d like to show your class, they created a series of eight videos, targeted towards children and from a child’s view. They feature a local kid talking with staff about different public works services.

• Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program – You may think of this as a marketing ploy, but kids can earn a free book by picking any book to read, completing the linked reading journal (English or Spanish), listing the book title and their favorite part, and after eight books, redeem their journal for a free book at Barns & Noble. See the linked website for more details.

• COVID-19 Free Test Kits – In case you missed it, every home in the U.S. is eligible to order a 3rd round of free at-home tests, 8 kids the time. Order yours here:

Upcoming Events

May 23 (M) – Laura Taking Leave
Jessica Claypool
providing office support

May 24 (T) – Laura Taking Leave
Jessica Claypool providing office support
1:00 – NED Show Virtual Assembly
3:15-4:00, Staff Meeting

May 25 (W) – Laura Taking Leave
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principal Mtg
1:35, Fire Drill


May 26 (Th) – Laura is Back
3:30-4:00, Meeting with First Grade Parents

May 27 (F) – National Grape Popsicle Day
2:00-3:00, Takako, Scott, and Tom to North Region Meeting
2:00-3:00, K-4 teams preparing class lists for 2022-2023
2:00-3:00, 5th grade team catching up since they missed previous Friday PD sessions

May 30 (M) – National Memorial Day  – No School

May 31 (T) – First Day of Outdoor School for 5th Grade
3/4/5 Climate Survey Due

June 01 (W) –
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principal Mtg
3:15-4:00, iPBS
7:00pm, School Board Meeting Location: (Zoom)

June 02 (Th) – Last Day of ODS for 5th Grade
10:35, Fire Drill

June 03 (F) –
Intern Appreciation (potential date)

June 6 (M) –

June 7 (T) – Bilingual Store

June 8 (W) – Bilingual Store
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principal Mtg
10:15-11:15, Howard 5th Graders Visit Kelly MS

June 9 (Th) – Field Day (Tentative)

June 10 (F) – Grading Day – No School
9:00-10:00 – EA Meeting in Staff Room
11:00-1:00, Intern Appreciation Luncheon

June 13 (M)

June 14 (T)

June 15 (W) – 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony
9:00-11:00, Tom to Elementary Principal Mtg

June 16 (Th) –
9:00-9:30, 5th Grade Breakfast (tentative)
3:15-4:00, Site Council Meeting
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting on zoom
6:30 – 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony for Kelly MS
Note – 8th Grade Celebration will be using YG Gym

June 17 (F) – Last Day of School
Early Release – 11:45

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