4J K-5 Health curriculum – The Great Body Shop

4J K-5 Health curriculum – The Great Body Shop

As you have most likely heard, our district’s K-5 Health Adoption team of educators spent last year evaluating, vetting, piloting, and selecting a high-quality, aligned, developmentally appropriate K-5 Comprehensive Health curriculum for our elementary schools. Now we have new comprehensive Health Ed. materials to support instruction in all our elementary schools to support teaching and learning. It was a unanimous team decision to recommend the adoption of The Great Body Shop Comprehensive K5 Health Curriculum.

The Great Body Shop is a leading curriculum used across the United States and throughout Oregon’s many school districts. This skills-based, standards-driven program is aligned with National and Oregon state standards for Health Education and offers excellent comprehensive Health Ed. instruction for our students to support their growing Health Literacy.

The program consists of 10 units that address the following Health topics: Injury Prevention & Personal Safety, Nutrition, Functions of the Body, Growth & Development/Cycle of Family Life, Disease & Illness Prevention, Substance Abuse Prevention, Community Health & Safety (w/violence prevention), Self-worth, Mental & Emotional Health, Environmental & Consumer Health, Physical Fitness.

However, this first year our teachers will only focus on these 5 units as a way to ease into teaching Health: 

  • Unit 1 = Sept/Oct = Safety (Here are the lesson titles, grade by grade)
  • Unit 3 = Nov/Dec = Nutrition
  • Unit 5 = Jan/Feb = Social/Mental/Emotional Health
  • Unit 6 = March/Apr = Growth & Development/Cycle of Family Life
  • Unit 8 = May/June = Illness/Disease Prevention

Each month your child will receive a glossy, colorful magazine (at their grade level) aligned to the unit being taught called a “Student Issue”. The back page of each Student Issue will include a Family Communication Letter to support Health learning at home. Teachers will soon have access to their own Great Body Shop Teacher Portal and students will soon have access via Clever, which will enable them to also listen to the articles in their Student Issue in English, French, and Spanish. Once teachers receive their access to their GBS Teacher Portals, they will be able to connect you to the Family Portal.

As usual, parents are always welcome to come view any adopted curriculum at school. We think you’ll be excited by this new, up-to-date, medically-accurate, engaging Health curriculum.

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