YMCA Supports CDL and Families – OPENINGS Available

Dear Valued School Partners,

The YMCA is proud to have been beside you providing support to families for before and afterschool programs, swim lessons, youth sports and more for many years.  Like you, we have been pivoting and taking plot twists as they come since March as the pandemic shifts and changes the ways in which we are able to support families in our community. It has been a lot of change but we continue to adjust our programs and guidance to provide quality care in a safe and secure environment for our youth. We are so grateful for our continued partnership with you all in order to reach more families and provide more support as needs shift, grow, and make themselves known.
Thanks to a generous gift from the United Way, we have an opportunity to offer an even greater level of financial assistance to families who are struggling at home with their youth, and we want to make sure this offer reaches those who need it most.  We have staff ready to help with Comprehensive Distance Learning, to lead activities and get our youth moving, and we now have the ability to provide healthy lunches as well!  This week I have received a couple calls from school counselors asking about resources for families – I am writing to let you know we can HELP!

School Supply Pick Up – Round 1

We will be giving out school supplies and consumables for students to use during the distance learning. Please note the following dates and times:

  • Tuesday – 10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Wednesday – 7:30am to 3:00pm

Here is a list of items that will be included in the first round:

Crayons (Crayola 24-pack)
Eraser (pink pearl)
Glue stick (Elmer’s 24-oz)
Glue white (Elmer’s 4-oz) 
Colored pencils (Crayola 12-pack)
Pencils (Ticonderoga 12-pack)
Scissors 5-inch blunt edge 2 pair

Yearbooks – These will be provided for students who attended YG last year and did not already pick up a yearbook.

Other consumables – Each grade will get a different set of consumables, depending on the needs of the grade and how much we can prepare before next Tuesday. Examples of such consumables include: Hiragana flashcards, multiplication charts, spiral notebooks or journals, strips for practice writing names in Japanese. 

Is it required to pick up supplies? – While the supplies that are provided by 4J can be purchased or ordered from online stores, some parents might not wish to come to the school to pick up their supplies. It is important to pick up teacher-created materials, such as flashcards or other materials needed to support learning in our program. A more detailed list will be provided as we get closer to next Tuesday.

Where to pick up? – The location will be the same location as our iPad pickup. Families will need to drive up to the south entrance, in the loop, to pick up supplies. We must continue to practice social distancing.

A second round will be scheduled later in the month. More information will be sent in the next newsletter.

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