YG Staff Newsletter – March 15, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – March 15, 2021

Hello YG staff,

Monday is the Ides of March, half-way through the month, and the last week to spring break. Oh, and let’s not forget that we are starting Daylight Savings time. Have a good week.


Schedule the Next 4 Weeks

Week of March 15: Students shift into their new classes, but nothing else changes for grades 2-5.

  • CDL schedule stays the same.
  • K/1 zooms for blue time and does orientation events.
  • 2nd-5th zoom in their new class using the current CDL schedule.
  • Interventionists continue to provide services.

March 22-26: Spring Break – we need it!

Week of March 29: K/1 shifts into their cohorts and begins following the new hybrid/SSO schedule.

  • 2nd-5th continue to follow the CDL schedule, but each grade has an assigned day where they will do an in-person orientation
  • (no optional Zoom orientation is required, as is for K/1).
  • Grade levels DO NOT have any synchronous time on their orientation day.
  • K-5 groups are canceled this week.

Week of April 5: 2nd-5th shift into their cohorts and begin following the new hybrid/SSO schedule.

K-1 Orientation Week

Kindergarten and First Grade students will have orientations in small groups. They are scheduled to visit, without parents, this week as follows:

Monday Tuesday W Thursday Friday
9:40-10:15 K SSO10:30-11:30 First

11:00-12:00 – Kinder

12:45-1:45 – First

1:00-2:00 – Kinder

2:00-3:00 – Kinder

9:40-10:15 K SSO10:30-11:30 First


12:45-1:45 – First

9:40-10:15 K SSO10:30-11:30 First

11:00-12:00 – Kinder

12:45-1:45 – First

1:00-2:00 – Kinder

2:00-3:00 – Kinder

9:40-10:15 K SSO10:30-11:30 First


12:45-1:45 – First

Key Highlights for K-1 Orientation Week


Scott met with the K-1 teams and created a Google doc: Plan for K-1 Orientation Week. This doc outlines the procedures for drop off, bathroom expectations, playground expectations, and pick up.

Breakfast & Lunches – All students will be provided with a free breakfast and lunch, which they will eat in their classrooms. For breakfast, students will pick up their meal upon entering the building and will take it to their classroom. Lunches will be brought to classrooms. Students will eat meals at their desks and are allowed to remove their masks while eating. All meals are supervised by their classroom teacher.

Classroom Set-Up – Students will be spaced 6-feet apart and all students will have their own individual desk and chair. Students will not share supplies and school supplies will be provided for each students.

School Supplies – 4J is providing all students with basic supplies, but families may also want to send students with extra masks (we hear they can get quite wet by the end of the day) and also a water bottle.

Recess – Students will get a daily 30-minute recess with their cohort group. Students will be allowed to play many of the usual playground games, but they must maintain a 6-feet distance from one another. Soccer, basketball, tag, and any other activities involving contact will not be allowed. Masks will continue to be worn at all times.

Cohort Groups – Students are limited to 100 people they can have close contact with at school each week. We can divide our cohort groups by primary and intermediate and stay within the 100 people limit. We will try to keep the cohorts as small as reasonable.

Health Rooms – If a student does become sick, they will be escorted to the office. We have one designated room for student showing signs of illness to wait until their family is able to pick them up. This room, and a back-up room, will be been outfitted with air purification systems to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Daily Cleaning – Teachers will sanitize desks after each meal. Custodial staff will clean high frequency touch points through the day. Nightly, a school district crew will sanitize every classroom space using an electrostatic spray.

Masks – All people, both students and adults, MUST wear masks at all times while on school property. The only time students may remove their masks is during mealtimes.

Visitors & Volunteers – Only students and staff are allowed inside the building at this time.

Synergy Rollover

The new hybrid cohort sections became “real” in Synergy Friday night. The SIS staff will be end-dating student class enrollments in the original homeroom sections. That should cause those original classes to drop out of Clever and probably anything that pulls data from Clever. The new cohort sections should be available in Clever as of Saturday. It may take a day or two (or three) for them to find their way into the other online applications that roster from Clever, depending on how often a vendor pulls data.

Hybrid & SSO Plan

Linked here is the YG Hybrid & SSO Handbook. I don’t expect staff to read this cover-to-cover, but use this as a reference guide if you need to look up something specific. Let me know if something is missing or if you have questions on anything in the plan.

Snacks for Grade 2-5 Orientation

Nutrition Services is not providing snacks for the K/1 Orientation this week, but they will provide snacks for the grade 2-5 orientations. I will check with Patty to see if she would bag up a snack to simulate the morning breakfast pick-up when students first enter the building and which students can practice the meal protocols in their classroom later.

Attendance/Contact Tracing

Student attendance will have an added importance as it will be our means of contact tracing. Classroom teachers will meet students at classroom door to complete the Visual Screener, looking for student symptoms of COVID.

• Unusual color
• Unusual behavior (behavior change, lethargy, unusual fatigue)
• New or significant coughing
• Respiratory symptoms not typical for student (noisy breathing, voice changes, nasal dripping)
• Shortness of breath
• Chills (shivering, teeth, goosebumps)
• Appearing ill (sweating, sunken eyes)
• Vomiting

Teachers will then ask ALL students the following two questions:

• Are you feeling okay?
• Have you felt anything that’s different for you in the last few days?

If students answer yes to either question, they are to be escorted by an adult to the office. Call the office if you need assistance.

Classroom teachers are expected to take attendance daily before 9:00 AM. The district is working to determine f this will be done through Synergy, paper/pencil, email, or other means.

Routine Cleaning by Teachers – Teachers are responsible for spot cleaning throughout the day within the classroom. This includes items or objects students or adults touch that will then be handled by others, such as shared items or any object students touch that shouldn’t be touched. Teachers will also need to spray down student desks and wipe them down after meals. All classrooms will have disinfectant spray, rags, and “Tech Wipes” for teacher use (not for student use). Place dirty rags on the lip of your garbage can and a clean rag will be left for you near your sink.

Recess Protocols

Students will get a daily 30-minute recess with their cohort group. Students are allowed to play all the usual playground games that allow for 6-feet distance (Horse, Hopscotch, Jump-Rope, etc.), but not where they would come within 6-feet of one another (i.e. soccer, basketball, tag, etc.). Masks will continue to be worn at all times.

Before Recess: Teachers/EAs will walk students from the building to the playground.

During Recess:

  • Concrete planters are for sitting, and standing or walking is not allowed.
  • Cones will be placed around dumpster and electrical and are off limits.
  • Cones will be placed to discourage play behind electrical box (South of bldg.)
  • Boundaries will be marked connecting bike cage fence and ropes course fence (leading toward the 3-5 double doors) so students will not disturb Jemei.
  • The concrete edge on west side of the woodchip/play structure area will be the edge of the play area (to keep balls/frisbees away from track area).
  • This edge will continue and be marked by cones to keep students away from the through walk way along the backyards that leads directly toward Howard playground.
  • Students may be allowed under the covered drive-through area for shade, but must stay on the south side of the painted line (so they are visible).
  • 1 student allowed on slide, and others will wait at the bottom of the ladder.
  • If staff see that community members are on the playground, depending on comfort level, you may inform that the playground is closed for public use while school is in session. Radio office for assistance if necessary.
  • 1 staff on playground duty will have radio to connect with office, while other staff will have access to separate walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.
  • Teachers will be encouraged to stay on playground during first week to help observe necessary changes in expectations and protocols.
  • Students will line up under covered drive through area at end of recess. Cones will mark line areas

Restrooms: If a student needs to use the restroom, they will use their designated cohort restroom.

Equipment: Each cohort will have their own set of balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, etc. which will be sprayed down nightly.

End of Recess: At the end of recess, students will line up … TBD.

All classes need to have an assigned line or cone for the end of recess times. We need to work together to assign class to lines. [considering flow, entrance to buildings, etc. when determining lines.]

INSIDE RECESS – Each class must be supervised by an adult. An indoor recess supervision schedule will be drawn up. Students must remain 6-feet apart. Students should not share items. Electronics are allowed.

  • Students may not go in the cubbies
  • Students should choose a seated activity
  • Games and activities should be provided and taught
  • Students must stay in their own classroom
  • Permission is needed by supervision staff to use the restroom
  • When the lights turn off turn and look at the adult by the door
  • Classroom expectations/choices should be posted above your classroom door
  • In the future, we may allow students to play in the gym, depending on the number of students who can be in the gym at any given time, the kind of activity. Which group gets the gym during indoor recess will rotate as was the process when YG was at Silverlea.
  • Classroom teachers will have expectations in Guest Teacher binder and post on the wall (near or above the door) what room expectations are.
  • Teachers will need to teach their students what appropriate activities are prior to the first indoor recess.


All students will be provided with a free breakfast and lunch, which they will eat in their classrooms. Students will eat meals at their desks and are allowed to remove their masks while eating. All meals are supervised by their classroom teacher.

Breakfast: Students will receive a bagged breakfast upon entry at their designated entrance. The sacks that students receive will have a boat tray inside with the breakfast items and enough food for snacks. When finished eating breakfast, students will discard the boat tray but save the paper bags to place the snack items in for later.

Lunch: Lunches will be delivered to classrooms on a rolling cart. There will be a box of cold food (milk,  fruits, veggie, etc.) and a warmer-bag of the individually packaged hot food (bagged pizza, hamburger, burrito, etc). The teacher will hand students one of each bag.

Extra Food: If there are extra breakfast or lunch bags, these may be given to students to take home. However, do not send home any hot items from breakfast, since that will go past their 4-hour lifespan.

Home Lunches: It’s encouraged that students eat food provided by the school, but if students bring food from home, students should be able to open containers and bottles without staff assistance. Of course, we won’t allow a student to not eat, because they can’t open their food and we can step in and help but we will want to follow up with the family to ensure they practice with their child so we don’t make a practice of touching students’ food/containers. Home lunches need to be nut-free.


IEP/504 Collaboration Logs are to be completed each Monday by 4:00pm for the previous week of lessons when a new unit begins. This will continue through hybrid. Teachers still need to  complete a separate entry for reading, writing and math instruction (for the entire unit, not for each daily lesson). One response is required for each content area you teach in which students with disabilities are receiving specially designed instruction or 504 accommodations. If teachers do not have any students with a 504 or IEP related to reading, writing, or math, they do not need to complete this form. Linked here is an SSD Slide Show w/Voiceover on this topic. Note: this was created in September and does not reflect the change made mid-year when it was changed from weekly to when a new unit was started.

504 Documentation: Since 504 Plans are typically not content area specific, if a teacher completed at least one log entry for a student with an IEP in any content area, that will cover the requirement for students with a 504 Plan.

Social Skills Only IEP Goals: If classroom teachers are delivering the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) to meet social skills goals, they would fill out the log form, but in most cases it is SPED staff delivering social skills instruction and they will be the ones documenting this SDI on their own log.

Contact Tracing and Attestation Google Forms

4J is going to reactivate staff badges to work at all entrances. In addition, swiping your badge will take the place of the paper/pencil sign-in we’re currently doing for contact tracing. For this switchover to happen, all staff will need to complete two Google Forms. One, the COVID-19 Attestation: Daily Screening and Reporting Requirements for Reporting to the Worksite form, and two, the Eugene School District 4J Contact Tracing form. Once all staff have submitted their forms, I will notify Dawn Strong and Facilities will activate all of our building’s card reader access pads. I will introduce the forms and explain the process at this Tuesday’s staff meeting.

Purell Professional Disinfectant Spray Product Literature

Linked here is the Disinfectant Product INFO on the cleaning products staff will use in classrooms and staff restrooms. the replacement disinfectant products coming to schools. The Oxivir Five-16 Disinfectant spray bottles currently in classrooms will be replaced by Purell Professional Disinfectant Spray and the bottles in restrooms will be replaced by Oxivir Tb Wipes. Directions on using these products are in the above link, but will also be delivered to classrooms when you get your new products.

2021 ACE Award Nominations

It’s ACE Awards season! Many things have been different this year, but one thing that has not changed is that we have exceptional colleagues doing exceptional work. Now is the time to recognize them.

We are accepting nominations for the ACE (A Champion in Education) Awards in three categories: teachers and licensed specialists, administrators and supervisors, and classified staff. (There will be no volunteer category this year due to the temporary closure of school buildings.) Every employee who is the subject of a complete nomination will be recognized as an exceptional educator at the virtual awards ceremony. There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate or the number of times a person can be nominated.

Submit a Nomination by April 15, 2021. (

Save the Date! Virtual ACE Awards Celebration
Thursday, June 3, 6–7 p.m.

Nominating a valued co­-worker or leader for an ACE Award is a wonderful way to honor the incredible talent and dedication of our amazing staff, especially after this year of unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic. One nominee in each category will be named an ACE Award Champion. One nominee also may be recognized with a special lifetime achievement award. Each winner will receive a $250 grant for a 4J school or program of their choosing from the Eugene Education Foundation.

Past nominees and champions: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Hillary Johnson at

COVID-19 Suggestion Box

The linked COVID-19 Suggestion Box will be posted in each newsletter for staff to make suggestions. I check it every Monday.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

March 15 (M)
10:30-11:30, First Grade Orientation
11:00-12:00, Kinder Orientation
12:45-1:45, First Grade Orientation
1:00-2:00, Kinder Orientation
1:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
2:00-3:00, Kinder Orientation
4:00-5:00, Tom to All Admin Zoom Meeting

March 16 (T)
10:30-11:30, First Grade Orientation
12:45-1:45, First Grade Orientation
3:00-4:00, YG Staff Meeting

March 17 (W) –
8:00-8:45, Check in – Tom and Jeff Johnson
10:00-11:00, Training for EAs with Nurse Robin
2:40-4:00, Hybrid Preparation
4:00-5:00, Tom to Required Business Plus Training
7:00-9:00, School Board Meeting

March 18 (Th)
10:30-11:30, First Grade Orientation
11:00-12:00, Kinder Orientation
12:45-1:45, First Grade Orientation
1:00-2:00, Kinder Orientation
2:00-3:00, Kinder Orientation
3:00-4:00, Site Council
6:30-7:30, YG PTO Meeting

March 19 (F)
10:00-11:30, Tom to Required Risk Management Training
10:30-11:30, First Grade Orientation
12:45-1:45, First Grade Orientation

March 22-26 – Spring Break

March 29 (M) – 5th Grade Orientations
9:00-10:30, Cohort A
1:15-2:45, Cohort B
1:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

March 30 (T) –
4th Grade Orientations

9:00-10:30, Cohort A
1:15-2:45, Cohort B
March 31 (W)
2:40-4:00, Hybrid Planning

April 1 (Th) –
3rd Grade Orientations

9:00-10:30, Cohort A
1:15-2:45, Cohort B
April 2 (F) – 2nd Grade Orientations

9:00-10:30, Cohort A
1:15-2:45, Cohort B
4:00 – Staffing Plans Due to HR
Coming Up
April 13 – Kindergarten Orientation (for Fall 2021)
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