YG Staff Newsletter – April 12, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – April 12, 2021

Hello YG staff,

This past Friday, I finally felt some relief as we had a full week of school with all our hybrid students in the building. We don’t have any major changes or pivots in our schedules, and I’m hoping things get smoother as we march forward to the end of the year.

Fire Drills!

Here’s a reminder that we are holding fire drills on Tuesday and Friday, each at 1:25pm. There will be signs posted for classes to line up. Refer to your red Emergency Notebook in each classroom near the entrance to your room. See the linked copy of the contents which is also on the shared Google Drive.

Doc Cams

James Grubic will be sending a couple of folks over to YG during the day to try and help with any pressing tech and AV needs. They also hope to begin distributing the new doc cams to replace old obsolete ones. If you have been having any technology problems with your equipment, let Laura and me know ASAP. When Technology send staff her on Monday they can help in a very targeted way.

Staff Related Info

Limited Duration EA – The 5-hour Limited Duration Education Assistant position was not filled as the few candidates who applied got other jobs. We have interviews scheduled on Tuesday afternoon from 2:30 to 3:00. Elayne, Jeanne, Laura, Scott, and I will be interviewing two candidates.

Alison Johnson to substitute – Alison will be working in the building Monday and Tuesday of this week, subbing while we still have a vacancy.

District Administrator Updates – John Wayland and Sarah Prater are no longer in their interim roles. They will continue next year as principal and assistant principal. In other news, the Adams principal, Teresa Martindale, is moving to be the principal at Family School, and the Family School/Chinese Immersion School principal, Jen Hebard, is following Chinese Immersion for when they relocate to Kennedy Middle School next year, serving as assistant principal at Kennedy. Chris Benz, the current assistant principal at Kennedy MS, will be the new principal at Adams. For full details, see the 4J Admin Staffing email.

Job Expo – Elementary Vacancies

HR sent an email to licensed teachers announcing the EXPO Openings for elementary positions. There are 16 full-time positions and 6 positions that are half-time or more. Teachers who were hired for hybrid are not eligible for the EXPO; however, when or if the positions get filled by a 4J teacher who wants to move, there the teacher will likely be vacating another position, so the overall number of vacancies after the EXPO will not change very much. There will likely be openings after the EXPO is completed.

Teacher Observations

Now that we actually have children in the building, I will start teacher observations. For teachers on the observation cycle this year, I will plan on conducting informal observations and later this week will email a proposed date & time for formal observations. For the second informal observation, I may just do an async Seesaw lesson, which won’t require anything on the part of teachers.

Teachers who are in their “formative year” do not require formal observations. Instead, they have one optional informal observation, and they need to complete their End-of-Cycle Goals Reflection.

Ordering Classroom Libraries with SIA Funds

Lynette Williams and Chelsea Mabie are working on purchasing “District Classroom Libraries” for each K-5 classroom for next fall. These libraries will be fiction and nonfiction and center around the diverse communities/themes that represent our students and families.
For immersion there are some unique questions:
  • For Japanese classrooms, would it be best for them to be a particular lexile level, or would it be best to have a mix of titles that are at the grade level below and some at grade level etc?
  • For English classrooms would you want a % of the English classroom libraries to have some Japanese language books?
We have roughly $1050 for immersion schools per classroom. Target language texts are often procured in the country of origin and cost more.
We need to complete our purchases by the end of the fiscal year. I will send an email to teachers on Monday. In the meantime, please let me know your thoughts on the matter. I will need to discuss with Lynette Williams as soon as is practical.


Indoor Recess

There is an update Google Doc on the 371 – YG Shared Drive on Indoor Recess. This includes a schedule for Monday, Tuesday. Next week, the forecast is for sunny skies, so I don’t see the need for indoor recess any time soon. The gym would be an option for use during indoor recess, and the first grade hallway could also be used for first grade if teachers did not want to have their students remain in the classroom. The gym would also be an option for 2nd grade if needed.

Nursing and Health Services

4J is hiring contract nurses to provide support for schools, so we will be getting more support. We do not yet have a schedule for the week of April 5th, however. What we know is the Monika will be here one day per week. More information to follow.

EA support for 3-5 grades

Michelle and Elayne will be supporting these grades during times they are unassigned or not busy with other tasks. 4th and 5th grades have asked for support during their math time in the morning after SEL. Just keep in mind that either one might be called upon to handle a behavior or COVID-related situation.


Kindergarten Orientation – If staff are interested, we have our kindergarten orientation on Tuesday evening, 6:00-7:00 pm. See linked YG Kindergarten Presentation.

Hybrid Updates

Hand Sanitizing – Last week, I gave some conflicting information regarding hand sanitizing. I want to make sure everyone is clear on when students need to sanitize or wash their hands.

Hand sanitizing upon arrival – Students need to use hand sanitizer when they enter the building in the morning, even though they will be washing their hands when then enter the classrooms.

Hand sanitizing upon entry from recess – Students need to use hand sanitizer when they return to the building after recess, because they have been touching playground equipment.

Hand washing before and after meals, including snacks – Students need to wash their hands before and after eating, including when or if they eat a snack in the middle of the day. Their desks also need to be disinfected after eating.

24 Day Student Quarantine if COVID Positive Parent – If a student has a parent or family member who tests positive for COVID, they must quarantine for 24 days. They will be marked as an excused absence for contact tracing purposes, but the school should still provide instructional opportunities, which would be what we already do for off-site days and for on-site days providing them with some form of teacher directed learning, whether that a choice board types of activity (i.e. Dreambox, Lalilo, independent reading, etc.) or something else the teacher decides.

REMINDER: Notify Tom of Positive COVID Cases – With case counts rising, remember to notify me if you become aware of any students or family member who have tested positive for COVID.

Notify Office of Cohort Close Contacts – If students from different cohorts come into close contact with one another (i.e. within 6-feet for more than 15 minutes), contact the office so we can document this in Synergy.



IEP/504 Collaboration Logs are to be completed each Monday by 4:00pm for the previous week of lessons when a new unit begins. This will continue through hybrid. Teachers still need to  complete a separate entry for reading, writing and math instruction (for the entire unit, not for each daily lesson). One response is required for each content area you teach in which students with disabilities are receiving specially designed instruction or 504 accommodations. If teachers do not have any students with a 504 or IEP related to reading, writing, or math, they do not need to complete this form. Linked here is an SSD Slide Show w/Voiceover on this topic. Note: this was created in September and does not reflect the change made mid-year when it was changed from weekly to when a new unit was started.

504 Documentation: Since 504 Plans are typically not content area specific, if a teacher completed at least one log entry for a student with an IEP in any content area, that will cover the requirement for students with a 504 Plan.

Social Skills Only IEP Goals: If classroom teachers are delivering the Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) to meet social skills goals, they would fill out the log form, but in most cases it is SPED staff delivering social skills instruction and they will be the ones documenting this SDI on their own log.

COVID-19 Suggestion Box

The linked COVID-19 Suggestion Box will be posted in each newsletter for staff to make suggestions. I check it every Monday.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

April 12 (M)

1:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

April 13 (T)
1:25 – Fire Drill
2:15-3:00, EA Interviews via Zoom
6:00-7:00, Kindergarten Orientation (for Fall 2021)

April 14 (W)
10:00-12:00, Laura attending Business + meeting
12:30-1:00, Tier III Team Meeting, Kindergarten
1:00-1:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 2nd
2:00-2:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 5th
2:30-3:30, PBiS Meeting (tentative)

April 15 (Th) National Tax Day
2:00-3:00, YG Transition Leadership Team to meet with BJ Blake
3:00-4:00, Site Council Meeting
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting

April 16 (F) National Wear Your Pajamas to Work  Day
1:25 – Fire Drill

April 19 (M)
10:30-11:30, 850 Howard Admin Meeting
4:00-5:00, Tom to All-Admin Meeting

April 20 (T)
6:30-7:30, Latino Family Night

April 21 (W)
8:00-8:45, Tom Check-In with Jeff Johnson
12:30-1:00, Tier III Team Meeting, 1st
1:00-1:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 3rd
2:00-2:30, Tier III Team Meeting, 4th
2:40-4:00, Anti-Racism Training
4:00-5:00, 850 Howard Admin Meeting with Maria Covernali

April 22 (Th)
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting

April 23 (F)
2:30-3:00, Tom to meeting (personal)

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