YG Staff Newsletter – May 17, 2021

YG Staff Newsletter – May 17, 2021

Dear YG staff,

We have 21-and-a-half school days remaining. We know that we will be spending this coming week in distance learning. Whether or not we finish out the year in distance learning or at ATA depends on the outcome of the YG Staff Survey the Cydney Vandercar sent on Friday afternoon. The survey closes on Saturday, but if someone got their survey in by 5AM Sunday morning, it would likely be included in the results. If staff are late to the survey, they can still offer ideas even if it doesn’t affect the outcome of the survey.

Items of Note for This Week

I tried to keep it light since we are faced with so much change this week.

The 2020-21 4J student surveys

The 4J student surveys are open and will be available until the end of the school year. We are asked to give the survey to all students in grades 3-5. This year the surveys have between 32 and 34 questions and combine four components: (1) a significantly reduced version of our annual climate survey, (2) a mental health screener, (3) questions related to the All Students Belong initiative, and (4) questions about student experiences with distance learning.

These are the links:

Elementary grades in English:

Elementary grades in Spanish:

As in previous years, our goal for these surveys is full student participation, but something different this year is that students can complete them either synchronously or asynchronously.

Report Cards Open in Synergy

Waiting on Send Home Process – It’s early, but report cards are now opening Synergy. No word yet from Instruction on how printing and sending them home will work, but since the grading day is before the last day of school this year. If we are in hybrid at ATA, we will likely send them home with students or mail them to students in SSO. If we are in distance learning the rest of the year, we will likely mail them all home.

TalentEd Tasks

As I mentioned in last Wednesday’s meeting, I need to finish up formal observations and there are a few tasks in TalentEd for both licensed and classified staff to also finish up.

Classified Staff: I will be completing the end of year evaluations and scheduling time to meet with you, most likely on zoom.

Licensed Staff: Please complete your “End-of-Cycle Goals Reflection” by the end of the month. If you used easyCBM data in your goal, you can note that the data was not reliable or valid this year. You do not need to be exact in your language. You can get away with saying “the majority of students” met their target instead of calculating an exact figure. HR will understand that this was an atypical year, and the evaluation process was also atypical.

Wednesday PD/PLC Time

Since the Anti-Racist PD was moved to 6/2, this week and next’s PD/PLC time is building focused. We will use this time to process how to provide education for the remaining four weeks of school, distance learning or hybrid in another location.

EAs should plan on attending this week’s meeting, unless they have Wednesdays off.

Library Connection – Amy Page sent this week’s Library Connection to teachers in Friday’s email.

EA Meeting

I’m moving the EA meeting up from May 26th to this Wednesday from 11:00 to 11:30, so we can address the changes we need to plan for in the coming weeks. By then we will know if we are going to finish out the year in CDL or if we will be moving to ATA.

Site Council and PTO Meetings This Week

Site Council and PTO meetings are scheduled for this Thursday. Site council will be considering new members to represent parents. So far, we have had no candidates apply. Rebecca Hart has volunteered to serve for another year, though.

PTO will be electing new officers for next year. It’s not clear if they have any candidates either.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

May 17 (M) Deadline for Filing Federal Tax Return
National Pack Rat Day
2:30-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting
4:00-5:00, Tom to All Admin Meeting

May 18 (T) – Picture Day for Cohort A – Cancelled
2:00=2:15, Tom to Classified Evaluation Conference

May 19 (W) – Spirit Wednesday – Favorite Animal/Book Character
Picture Day and Supply Pickup for SSO – Cancelled
1:00-4:00, State Assessment for Cohort A and 5th Grade SSO – Cancelled
11:00-11:30, EA Meeting
2:40-4:00, Building Goals and Planning Meeting
7:00-9:00 – 4J School Board Meeting Zoom | Audio Stream

May 20 (Th) – Picture Day for Cohort B – Cancelled
3:00-4:00, Site Council Meeting
6:30-7:30, PTO Meeting

May 21 (F) National Pizza Party Day

May 24 (M)
2:00-3:30, Tom to Elementary Principals Meeting

May 25 (T) – Cyndi Norwood out in the AM for Appointment

May 26 (W) – Spirit Wednesday – Wild Hat/Hair Day
National Paper Airplane Day
1:00-4:00, State Assessment for Cohort B – Cancelled
2:40-4:00, Building Goals and Planning Meeting

May 27 (Th) –

May 28 (F) – National Hamburger Day

May 31 (M) – Memorial Day – No School

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