YG Family Newsletter – March 23, 2023

YG Family Newsletter – March 23, 2023

Principal's Spring Break Message - News and Announcements - BridgePrep Academy of Palm Beach

Dear friends and families of Yujin Gakuen:

Tomorrow is our last day of school before spring break. Next week staff and students will get to enjoy a bit of time to rest and recharge with family and loved ones. After that, it is back to work to finish this year strong!

Please note that Monday, April 3rd, is a no-school day. Teachers will be participating in professional development and planning on the 3rd. We will see you back on Tuesday, April 4th.

We wish you a safe and happy spring break. Thank you for supporting Yujin Gakuen!

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Masaru Piowaty

Principal, Kocho Sensei
Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary
Eugene School District 4J  |  541.790.4640

Of The Earth heart-shaped seed paper

We are sending home heart-shaped seed paper. These handmade items are from paper formed one sheet at a time in Seattle. They are made of 100% post industrial waste and are 100% tree free, acid free fiber. Embedded in this stock is our unique North American Wildflower seed blend. The seeds will need four hours a day of direct sunlight with constant watering until established. The plants can grow as tall as three feet.
The seeds include: Snapdragon, Petunia, Beardtongue, Daisy, Thyme, Poppy, Catchfly, Maiden Pinks, and Chamomile. Plant flat under 1/4′ of soil, keep moist and enjoy!
Upcoming No School Days - Weston High School

No School- April 3, 2023

Hi YG families! As a reminder, we do not have school Monday, April 3rd. We hope you enjoy the additional day of spring break!

Hanami Lunch Wednesday

Students and staff at Kelly Middle School and Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion Elementary School took a culinary journey east on Wednesday, March 22, as they enjoyed a special Japanese hot lunch.

We appreciate their initiative, and we are grateful that they advocated to include the elementary students in yesterday’s meal.

We also appreciate Nutrition Services for bringing extra staff and preparing a special menu for us. Hats off 4J Nutrition Services!

See the linked article: “4J Students, Staff Prepare a Lunch to Remember” on the 4J website for more information.

Many parents call the office to report an absence, but if you prefer to send an email, please send your email to: The office staff will check this email each morning to ensure that absences are entered into our student management system.

Students Sharing Food

We noticed that some students were sharing food or bringing snacks to share in the cafeteria. We are reminding students not to share food.

Please remind your child that they should only eat their own food. They should not accept food offered to them by another student, and they should not bring food to share. Thank you for talking with your child(ren) about how to prevent the spread of germs.

St Walburga's Catholic Primary School - School Meals and Snacks

We also need to remind everyone that we have students with nut allergies, some very severe.

When bringing food from home, please be mindful and be sure to pack food that is nut free.


Congratulations to the YG OBOB Team!

Big Steps: The Year We Did OBOB placed in the Final Four at the Oregon Battle of the Books competition last Saturday! They will represent Yujin Gakuen at the OBOB State Tournament will be Saturday, April 15, 2023 at Chemeketa Community College, in Salem.

Best of luck to the team members: Astoria, McKenzie, Heather, Sekai, and Maisie.

Live Auction Fundraiser Basics - PTO Today

Hi YG Families!

This May, the YG PTO is reviving the annual auction! We are looking for volunteers to join the auction committee to help with planning, organizing, and managing this year’s event.

If you would like to be involved, even in the smallest way, please complete the attached Google form with your contact information.

Lastly, we are accepting donations in forms of items, gift cards, skill sharing, time sharing, etc. If you would like to donate something to be auctioned, please complete this form:

If you have questions or comments, please let us know

Thank you for your consideration and support,


Benito Juárez, el presidente mexicano que terminó con los privilegios de la Iglesia

Benito Juárez Celebration

The Benito Juárez Celebration is an annual cultural community evening event we have organized at Kelly for 14 years. The last one before Covid was at El Camino Elementary. This will be the 15th anniversary and it is scheduled for Friday, April 7th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. We use the cafeteria and the small gym (YG’s gym)
The purpose of this email is to invite the YG staff, students, and community to be part of this celebration. Every year I use to bring posters to your old school and invite any teacher who was interested in being part of the program – taiko drums, dances, songs. One year we had our Japanese Immersion students perform a song, and under the direction of sensei, Jeannie Fuji, a variety of Japanese games. I will contact some of you directly to talk about your taiko drum group, but feel free to share any ideas you might have for the program.
In the past, I would talk to a number of parents and they offer home made Mexican food in the cafeteria for a dinner/social time before the entertainment program. This takes an enormous amount time and coordination, so this time Kelly will provide pizzas and we will ask parents to bring any dish/dessert/snacks/beverages, or any thing they like for a potluck-type dinner.
The Benito Juárez event has had between 150 to 400 people in attendance on any given year. My goal is to offer our River Road community an event where families of all backgrounds come together to the neighborhood school and share some food, music, dance, and interact with each other. It is also always my interest to showcase our two immersion programs as a united effort to teach the importance of a world community.
Thanks for your interest,
Fernell López
Human Services Coordinator
Kelly Middle School
Eugene School District 4J

Volunteer Opportunities | Alexander City Alabama

Volunteer at Yujin Gakuen

Many of our parents asked what steps they need to take to volunteer at school. Please see the links below or visit the 4J webpage “Volunteer in the Eugene District 4J.”

As a parent or guardian, you may wonder how you can get involved in your child’s education. One great way to do this is by volunteering in the Eugene District 4J schools. Volunteering offers many benefits for both you and your child. It’s a great way to meet other parents and get to know the teachers and staff at your child’s school. It can also be a fun and rewarding way to spend some time with your child.

If you’re interested in volunteering, there are a few things you need to do. First, you’ll need to complete a background check. You can find more information about this on the 4J website. You’ll also need to complete a mandatory training session. Once you’ve done these things, you’ll be ready to start volunteering.

So why not give it a try? Volunteering is a great. See the links below to get started or visit “Volunteer in the Eugene District 4J.”

Volunteer Application and Guidelines: 

Wondering About Winter Weather?

How to know if schools are closed or delayed • No news = No change 

Learn More | Text MessagesStaff Info

When winter weather makes conditions hazardous, schools may be closed or delayed or buses may use snow routes. The school district decides early in the morning whether there is a need to change the school schedule or bus routes. These decisions are made districtwide and are the same for every 4J school.

How to find out if there is a change: 

  • Text message from the district* (if you are not currently receiving occasional text messages with important information from 4J, learn how)
  • Check the district website,
  • Follow 4J on social media: FacebookTwitter @4Jweather & @4Jschools
  • Tune in to local radio and television news stations

If there is a school closure or other change, the school district will announce it before 6:30 a.m. If schools and buses are on their regular schedule, there will NOT be an announcement.

Parents of students who ride school buses that have alternate snow routes have been informed of what to do. Snow route information is available on the snow routes page.

If school is in session, families are encouraged to consider road conditions in their areas and make their own decisions based on safety. Parents’ individual decisions about school attendance will be honored.

*Note: It is impossible to guarantee text message delivery 100% of the time, and it is possible your alert may be delayed or blocked. If you are concerned about the weather and have not received a text alert by 6:30 a.m., check the 4J website, social media, radio or TV for information about closures, delays or snow routes.

Learn more
Snow routes
Information for staff
Información en español

Upcoming Events

March 27-31 – Spring Break

Monday, April 3 – No School, Professional Development/Planning Day

Tuesday, April 4 – First Day Back After Spring Break

Friday, April 7 – 3rd Grade Field Trip to Mt. Pisgah
5:30 to 8:00 pm – Benito Juárez Celebration

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