Kocho Sensei- September

Kocho Sensei- September

YG Family Message from Kimberly, Kocho Sensei- Week of 9.25.23


We have two weeks of school under our belts; and students seem to be right back to their routines – with a lot of practice from teachers and staff.  I am popping into classrooms to watch learning happen, familiarize myself with all things YG, and peek at names on desks so I can remember them. I also keep past class pictures close by. I see so much learning, academic and social/emotional happening across our school. I am so proud to have joined this amazing community of staff, students, and families.


Volunteer Ask – UO Games Beverage sales. This is a valuable fundraiser for our school community. This is a fun opportunity to help YG and meet other members of  the YG family and staff community. Please go to the YG PTO website and sign-up here. Thank you to those who have already sign-up. We still have bus passes and a parking permit if you need one! 


Arrival and Dismissal Updates and Friendly Reminders


As we get back in the groove of dismissal procedures, and work to improve efficiency while maintaining safety, we appreciate your patience. I know that the K/1 pickup is a wait and please know that our utmost goal is your student’s safety, which is why we keep students in their classroom for on-going supervision and minimize access to moving vehicles. Also know that our staff are constantly communicating about ways to improve the process. 

Here are some tidbits to be aware of:  

  • Kinder and first grade drop off and pick up is in the back of the building (off N. Park Ave.) Families can walk up or drive up to get their students. Older siblings also come to the back to leave with their kinder or first grade sibling.
  • 2nd-5th graders are picked up in the front of the building off Howard Ave. 2nd-5th grade siblings will go to the back and wait for families of K-1 students to all go out the back together.

Curriculum Night – This Wednesday (Sept. 27) is curriculum night. K-2 at 6:00 pm, and 3-5 and 6:45. We hope to see you here.


Staffing Updates: We continue to welcome more new staff to fill open positions. Last Monday, we welcomed Sara Jalabert to YG as a special education assistant. She has been working at Charlemagne as a kindergarten education assistant. Sheryl Carroll, Special Education teacher, will be at a different 4J school and we welcome Barbara Stroh back as interim sped teacher.


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