Kocho Sensei- October

Kocho Sensei- October

YG Family Message from Kimberly, Kocho Sensei- Week of Oct 9


September 2023 is in the books. We are fully engaged in our learning schedule; and things are getting fun. I see our students engaged in learning through speaking, writing, and gesturing. I have seen our teachers employ elements of project-based learning that encourage student engagement through doing. I appreciate this type of learning because it helps meet students where they are at and supports higher level thinking.


On a different note, I will be coming to PTO on Wednesday (Oct 11) to share a process and next steps for the future of our YG location. The school board voted on June 21st to end YG and KMS co-location at the end of the 2023-2024 school year.


Support YG and PTO by Volunteering at YG Beverage Booth at UO Football Games This is a valuable fundraiser for our school community. This is a fun opportunity to help YG and meet other members of  the YG family and staff community. Please go to the YG PTO website and sign-up here. Thank you to those who have already sign-up. We still have bus passes and a parking permit if you need one! 


TAG TAG evaluation season – If you believe your child has exceptional needs for differentiated instruction in the classroom and they could possibly be TAG, talk to your child’s teacher.

The testing will occur at the end of October through the end of November. Dates TBD. Please notify them ASAP.


Halloween Fun – Students can wear a costume to school on the 31st. Please,no masks. They may have a mask in their backpack to wear during the parade (time TBD). Also, please make sure the costumes are not too scary or violent (blood, fake knives, etc) and that the costume does not hinder student’s ability to move, sit at a desk, and learn.


School Lunches – There is a new drop down option on the district nutrition services website (linked here) to see what YG students will have for lunch. We used to be linked with Kelly MS and the options were confusing. We are now linked with Chinese Immersion/Yujin Gakuen on the down menu, which is in alphabetical order for Chinese Immersion (so YG is higher in the order than we usually are)


4J Fun Run – Please register if you are inclined, wear your YG gear and have fun.



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