Kocho Sensei- November

Kocho Sensei- November

YG Family Message from Kimberly, Kocho Sensei- November

Oh my, November is here! The Halloween parade was a blast. Staff and volunteers would have seen me dancing away with their students at the dance party. Thank you to all who helped to make the day fun.

Next year, I think we will move the costume parade earlier in the day in order to let the students’ simmering excitement have an earlier outlet. Our teachers and staff are wonderful educators that know how to give our students what they need, including a flexible day on Halloween. Additionally, our special education and behavior support staff offered an alternative setting, filled with games and fun, for students who do not celebrate Halloween. (Barb Sensei, special education teacher, was pretty pleased with herself for winning a game or two – ha!).

The words `next year, we’ll do x, y, z differently, earlier, better’ can often be overheard in the office since Brigitte and I are both brand new to YG. I appreciate the grace and confidence our family community has given me this year to get to know kids, routines, culture, and traditions; while also starting to build new ones. Speaking of better next year, several of us discussed adding an alternative, yet enticing and quiet space, for some of our students that may not experience a parade or dance party as fun.

I have truly been enjoying my work at YG and seeing students learn and thrive through care and dedication of the staff.

Kimberly, Kocho Sensei (Principal)

Important Information

Conference/Thanksgiving Week

Teachers will be reaching out to you with specific information about conferences. YG will host conferences (in person, phone, and virtual) from 8am-8pm on Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 20 & 21.

At YG, we take pride in offering our students a truly unique and public educational experience. As a choice school, family involvement in conferences is an expectation. Our school has additional curricular requirements including the Japanese curriculum for 50% of the day that requires a truncated English curriculum with the same grade level expectations as students in neighborhood schools.

We also know that students learn at different paces. We have many students for whom Japanese is a third (or 4th) language; as well as students who have unique learning needs related to neurodivergency, disability, or other special circumstances. Your child’s teachers welcome the opportunity to discuss these unique learning needs with you so your child can get the most out of our dual language program as possible.

Thank you for working with us and your child’s teacher.

Support YG and PTO by Volunteering at YG Beverage Booth at UO Football Games This is a valuable fundraiser for our school community. This is a fun opportunity to help YG and meet other members of  the YG family and staff community. Please go to the YG PTO website and sign-up here. Thank you to those who have already sign-up. We still have bus passes if you need one!

Drop Off/Pick Up Safety Reminders – K-1 back area

  1. Please remember to drive slowly as you enter and exit the property.  Some students and families park off campus and walk in to get their students. The adults may also have younger siblings with them that dart out of excitement to see their sibling or play with friends. Driving slowly allows you to make a quick stop if necessary.
  2. This is a quick drop or pick up.  If you have to get out of the car to help your child, please pull over out of the line of cars.
  3. If you would like extra socializing time for you child (and yourself :), please go to the grassy area in front. By doing this, you help our staff continue to focus on their job of safely and efficiently releasing students to their adults.

24/25 School year

As of right now, with the most recent information I have, YG will be at the Willard site for the 24-25 school year. I do not have information, yet, about subsequent years.



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