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Oshogatsu – January 19, 2023

Posted Date: 04/26/2024

Happy New Year Celebration flyer

Save the Date – Thursday 1/19/23

Oshogatsu Celebration: Year of the Rabbit New Year’s 2023 at Yujin Gakuen

Japanese Immersion Elementary School

5:00 – 5:30 School of Choice Visitation
5:30:  Kinders sing in gym
5:30 – 7:30 Stations open

Our classrooms, gym and cafeteria are open for students and guests to experience traditional Oshogatsu games, food and activities.

Collect your passport at the school entrance.  Don’t forget to have each activity stamped!

Food for purchase is courtesy of Southfork Catering.
Mochi pounding and sampling are in the cafeteria.

Jeanne Sensei is rolling sushi

Rooms 1 and 2 have demos by the Japanese-American  Association elders.  Masks required

  • Kadomatsu: Traditional Japanese New Year’s Decoration room 2 (Masking required)
  • Kagami Mochi: Hear the story of this traditional Japanese New Year’s decoration

Room 1 (Masking  required). Everyone will receive a mikan (tangerine)

Gym activities include: 

  • Hanetsuki (badminton game with hagoita and a hane), •Karuta (letter and picture card game),
  • Koma (spinning tops) •Kendama (skill toy game), and
  • Daruma coloring. Add your NY resolution to the Daruma. What will be your goal in 2023?

Visit the music room to experience the taiko drums

Bring your smiles to Room 10 to dress in traditional clothing and enjoy a photo op

In the intermediate hall:

  • Write your name on a hachimaki or have our KMS volunteers help you
  • Fold origami Rabbits and make a New Year’s Card
  • Shuji: Use sumi and brush to create a Japanese calligraphy

If parents would like to volunteer, please check out this link: